Chapter 79: A mother's blessing


“Please forgive my earlier behavior. It is a pleasure to meet you, uh…” Taelin’s mother spoke as she made her way down the stairs to join us.

“Alpha Ryker, but I insist that you call me Ryker.” I kept my composure, not wanting to come off as a fool in front of my mate’s mother.

I might be an Alpha, but I was raised to respect my elders. The last thing I wanted was for her to find another thing to scold Taelin over. It didn’t help that I could practically feel my mate’s nervousness as if it were my own.

“My daughter mentioned you were an Alpha. Forgive me for my disrespect, but I am curious if you are okay with losing your title as Alpha to become the mate of the next Alpha King?” Her left eyebrow raised as if she was challenging me to say the wrong thing.

“Not in the least. As her mate, I will stand by her and allow her to do what she was meant to be. You have raised an incredibly special daughter and it is a privilege to stand beside her as she paves a new destiny for us all.”
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