Chapter 81: City Streets


Reaching the city was easy. We only ran into a few rogues. They had been in a group, so we tested the smoke bombs, which worked perfectly. The reaction was instant, compared to getting injected with the cure.

Only a few seconds passed after they inhaled it, and they started to revert to their former self. Being we couldn’t leave them out here, scared and confused, Theo directed them to our home. I kind of wished we could have gone with them, to ensure they arrived, but luckily the Alpha King had an unlimited range on his ability to link with his warriors.

Amanda informed the Alpha King that they had arrived before we reached the city. Leo had been buzzing with excitement that he managed to create a faster way to cure the rogues. I believe we all were feeling good about things.

That was until we reached the security building. It hadn’t taken Ryker long to get a visual of various parts of the city, with the cameras he managed to hack into. It was much worse than we thought it wo
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