Chapter 86: Getting prepared


Taelin seemed prepared to fight with the Beta, but I wasn’t ready for it one bit. I don’t know what she was thinking by agreeing to let him shift. It wasn’t a sure thing if she could shift or not, but there hasn’t been a she-wolf that could, while pregnant.

Wanting to give Taelin a bit of space to get her mind right, I have kept myself busy helping Leo. Today was the day Taelin would be facing the Beta in the arena, but there were still hours before it was scheduled. For the past three days, I have helped him fast-track distribution.

We were almost done, but we needed a little more of Taelin’s blood. Since she was getting ready to fight, I wouldn’t allow Leo to take anymore until after. I am sure that if she knew we needed it, she wouldn’t hesitate, which is why I told him to stay away from her.

The last thing I wanted was for her to ask how things were going and for him to end up telling her. She was more worried about others than she was about her own self, which was both ann
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