5; Sit with me


“ she’s my mate!” I declared and everyone kept quiet. I knew they couldn’t believe it and neither did I. This girl is someone I didn’t even know existed until when she joined the betas and what’s more suspicious is her scent. It’s different, irresistible, it’s something inexplicable – and when I kissed her, no words could describe how light-headed I felt after. 

I may not know her well but I sure as hell won’t let anyone touch her. I’ll keep her at the Trojan quarters until the next full moon when we will all turn for the first time – if she really is my Luna then it would be revealed that night. Until then I won’t accept her, declaring her as my mate is good enough. I need to be careful about her.

“ Are you sure Dracah, that’s a very huge declaration you’re making?.” My mother was saying as she picked up some herbs one after the other in the woods. 

“ Mother, did you call me here because of this? I have another training session, I’m late.” I said and started to leave.

“ She smells different doesn’t she?” my mother said and I stopped dead in my tracks before I turned around to look at her.

“ How do you know?” I asked and she smiled at me.

“ I just did.” She said and I took one last look at her before I left her in the woods. 

What does this all mean? I know that half wolves smell different but they don’t smell good. Emerald however smelled perfectly fine - like soft rain and roses. Her scent was that unique and maybe that was why I couldn’t get my mind off her. 

When I returned to the Zenith Hall, she was with Freya, Alan and a blond girl I didn’t know. Anger overwhelmed me when I saw Alan look at her a certain way – like he wants her. I would have to put him in his place.


“ What was it like - when he kissed you what did it feel like?” Nora was asking but I didn’t know what to say. Sincerely I had no words to describe how I felt when he kissed me but… It felt like I would never feel that way except by him. Although I thought both of us would be able to tell that we were mates instead, it seemed that only he could tell that I was his mate, I didn’t quite have a clear conviction that he had and it bothered me. 

“ There’s no way she could possibly put it in words, Dracah isn’t just any wolf Nora – he’s THE Alpha and that just beats whatever kiss Emerald has shared with literally anyone,” Freya said.

Alan who had been smiling or in a generally good mood all this while suddenly got annoyed. He frowned as he ate his food and I could sense some sort of tension between him, his friends, and myself.

“ So you’re going to be the next Luna,” a girl said as she looked at me enviously but I didn’t respond to her. I was thinking about how the title Luna was actually my real name but they didn’t know that, they must never know.

“ There’s no way of knowing that, he may be mistaken. Until the next full moon when we all turn, Emerald isn’t the Luna it could be a mistake.” Alan said as he shifted uncomfortably on his seat.

“ Oh come on, we know you like her but she’s already taken by Dracah. If I were you I’d do my best to avoid her, no offense Emerald.” Henry, one of Alan’s friends said that earned him a vicious growl from Alan. 

“ Someone has a problem with my Luna?” I heard Dracah say as he sat beside me and placed his hands over my shoulder. My entire body responded to the sound of his voice. I was suddenly hot and I just wanted to kiss him on the spot so I held my breath because his scent was so enticing to me. 

He looked at me and as his eyes locked on my lips my heart skipped several beats at once. What was this feeling? Just looking at him was hectic enough for my heart, what would happen to me if we did something more intimate?!

I looked away from him and he tucked my hair behind my ear before he kissed my neck making me shiver visibly in front of everyone. He tried to kiss my neck again but I blocked his lips with my palm instead and he smiled at me! 

I never saw him smile – not even once. It was either a smirk or an evil grin, never anything genuine like this. His once intimidating face became soft as his smile widened and he then he ate the cherry on my plate. 

I was too busy watching him chew and swallow to notice Alan glaring at him. The second I snapped out of it and noticed him, I tried to warn him but Dracah beat me to it. 

“ If you don’t keep your eyes under control you might not have any more eyes to glare at me with, Alan.” He said and ended his statement with a very deadly growl. 

“ I didn’t do anything wrong?” Alan argued and everyone kept quiet. It was strange how a large hall would suddenly become quiet whenever someone seemingly tried to defy Dracah. You wouldn’t even think they’re listening until it becomes dead silent. 

“ Do you want to say that again?” Dracah asked, this time his eyes were red. Alan didn’t need someone to tell him that he should shut it.

“ You… I don’t know if you liked Emerald before and I don’t care but from now on she’s mine. “ Dracah said possessively while I watched Alan swallow his food like it was a rock before he downed a glass of grape juice. 

“ Until the next full moon according to Lygard rules, we can’t be sure that she’s yours,” Alan said and I could feel Dracah’s temper running wild. How did I feel that? 

“ You have one minute to get as far away from me as possible Alan or you might not live to see that full moon you’re so obsessed with,” Dracah said as he placed his hands on the table calmly but his eyes said another. Even his muscles were already set to attack Alan any minute now if no one stops him.

“ Dracah…” I said to him nervously as I touched his arm. He looked at me and realized that he was almost standing up. The look in his eyes when he looked at me was so different from the glare he had when he was looking at Alan – it was almost as if he was asking my permission to attack Alan or not and when I shook my head he grunted and sat down. 

All eyes were on me after that but I didn’t know why. Wasn’t it normal for a guy to listen to a girl he likes? 

Dracah ran his hands through his hair and then pulled me abruptly to him and then he said, “ let’s go talk outside,” to which I nodded but when I looked at the faces of other betas they looked confused.

Dracah led me to the lake where I once practiced as an Omega and sat on the bare ground. I watched as he sat there while his hair was carried by the cool evening breeze. He was perfect, I really liked him and I can’t deny the fact that when he touches me my body reacts in a way I’ve never reacted to a man before. 

But I still feared that I was missing something. The way he could tell that I was his mate – that conviction, why do I not have it? I only feel the irresistible attraction to him and that was it! Maybe it is because I’m part Wolf, if not I should’ve been able to –

“ Emerald,” he said to me and I snapped out of my thoughts. 

“ Come, sit with me.” He said with a gentle smile while I stood there feeling dazed at the fact that he could be gentle with me. I eventually gathered enough courage not to walk like jelly until I reached where he sat because my legs were weak from our fight. 

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