6; A Sigardian in our midst


We sat there quietly and watched the Omegas train from across the lake. He said not a word to me and neither did I. I mean, what could I say? I never spoke to him well before in my life yet I always had the biggest crush on him – a crush I buried deep because I knew I should be wary of him. 

 Our first conversation was that night in the woods when he suddenly kissed me. I flustered when I thought about how it felt like to be kissed by Dracah and then the longest conversation we had was when we fought today. But deep down, I doubted Dracah was right about me being his mate because I was an enemy. 

“ What are you thinking about?!” he asked, startling me.

“ I was just…thinking about us,” I admitted. 

“ Us?” he asked softly and I looked at him in surprise.

“ Why do you always do that? You always look surprised at literally everything I do.” He said.

“ I – it’s just that I’ve never actually he

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