7; Terrified by his wolf


I could barely breathe as I watched Keiran’s eyes dart from me and then to the ground as he said, “ there’s a Sigardian in our midst.” 

Dracah looked at me and I almost started begging but Rue stopped me, “ it may not be you” she said but I found that so hard to believe. 

“ Emerald your boobs are umm…” Keiran was trying to say but the look Dracah gave him to shut him up. Dracah looked at me and I gave him a questioning look when he bit his lip to keep him from laughing and pointed at my chest. 

I almost died of embarrassment when I saw that one of my breasts was literally sticking out of my bra and it looked weird through my shirt. 

 " Oh my God!" I shrieked and turned around to adjust my bra but Dracah slid his hands through my top as he helped me out. I was scolding myself and wondering just how stupid and clumsy I was that I didn’t notice my bra mishap but when his hand touched my skin I forgot all about that a

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