8; Potions class


He would kill me if he finds out what I am, that’s the only truth that exists about the two of us. I shifted uncomfortably as I watched the teacher mash several herbs in a small mortar. 

“ This is how you make a quick remedy for brutal wounds,” Miss Doreen our potion instructor said as she motioned at the purple paste in the mortar. I gagged and almost puked because of how bad it smelled, but that didn’t go unnoticed by her.

“ A true potential Luna,” she said and everyone stared at me. 

“ What?” I asked and they looked at Miss Doreen since it was her statement that drew their attention to me in the first place.

“ Well, a Luna wouldn’t need to make herbs out of leaves to heal any of her people because she has the gift of healing in her bloodstream.” She said with a smile but I was feeling very edgy. 

“ I don’t exactly see what that has to do with me,” I said, folding my hands but Freya nudged me with her elbow

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