53: Unexpected marriage


All that was on my mind after Alpha Jake offered to help me get Dracah back was…well…Dracah. One part of me I suppose was a little too skeptical that he would be alive but somehow my father left the city so unguarded as though he had no fear whatsoever about anyone attacking Sigard.

The state that I met Lygard was so pitiful that I found it hard to keep my tears in. NONE OF IT WAS AN ILLUSION, my father really sent someone to kill me, sure a few lies were told here and there but he really had his men ordered to kill me if the need arises.

I knew it was dumb for me to literally walk into the trap of such a man unprovoked but what would be even dumber is to let him actually think he is winning.

I heard that a wedding was being held I was in awe. Apparently my father wants to wed my sister Emerald and Dracah – who frankly I didn’t need any one to tell me that he’s being mind controlled. How disgusting!

“ Father! Enough!” I yelled so ang
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