54: Family


Yeah, no that’s not happening.” I said and he looked at Emerald.

“ Yes it is, dracah loves Emerald, right Dracah? Show us how you much you love Emerald.” he commanded and Dracah obeyed.

He moved closer to Emerald and kissed her deeply. I swear I felt nothing until she started to kiss him back despite me thinking she didn’t want to marry Dracah. When I saw hoe they gummed bodies and lips, I was near the brink of blind rage but I didn’t know why tears fell on my cheeks. Rage goes with a yell, a growl, a roar – not tears!

“ it’s enough Dracah.” My father said, while I looked away.

“ What did you make me do Gaan?” Dracah suddenly said. I knew that tone, that tone is…very Alpha of him.

Sure enough he was glaring at my father and his eyes were blazing red.

“ Ah…it seems your mate bond is stronger than my puppete
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