55: Evening talk


I must’ve not looked convincing enough to Dracah since he was now staring at me as though he thought I was confused about my answer but, with what my father has done to me since I was born down to this moment, it is too clear which side I must choose. 

“ I have chosen Lygard. I cannot support a selfish and diabolical man and like Alpha Dracah said, he isn’t a saint himself but even he is a better man than that murderer called King Gaan. He murdered half of the people our Alpha, Dracah struggled to bring under his pack for a bigger dream – one bigger than that of his ancestors, for that he must be punished.” I declared and they whispered amongst themselves. 

“ Then it is settled, she is one of our own now. The wedding may proceed as planned.” Dracah’s father, Remorah said. 

Dracah stared at his father, completely stunned and  surprised. He left soon after with his father

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