57: What will come next


I was told that a Lycan wedding is beautiful and simple. That was exactly what my wedding with Dracah was turning out to be. I was sitting in front of a mirror in my room, remembering how I never looked at myself in the mirror because of my sisters. Yet, it was safe to say that there was absolutely no reason for me to have thought of myself as too hideous to look into the mirror.

I was dressed in a blue overflowing gown and my hair was styled with flowers of different kinds. I didn’t wear any jewelry, the flowers were to be my accessories. That was all I had on. It was already dark and tonight being the night I and Dracah wed, the moon will not turn us or even our people – even Jake’s pack.

How happy they all were when they heard that for once they would not have to turn under the full moon. I stood by the window and stole a glance at Dracah, he was dressed in blue, sleeveless robe and his hair was blown freely by the wind. 


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