60: A human girl


It’s been a while since I gave birth, my baby boy is the most happy child I’ve ever seen. If only knew the great pain I endured to have him – he should never know that. 

For eight months I suffered loneliness, hunger, almost lost my mind without Dracah but this baby was my only source of comfort. He made hold on because he was Dracah’s seed and I knew he deserved to live. 

Dracah and I named him Konan. He had his father’s black hair and gold eyes that changed with how he was feeling – but he also had Seigen powers too. He could summon his own playmates like little bunnies and puppies to play with him. Although there was that one time he summoned a bear and we had to figure out a way to make him take it back. 

He was only six months old then. As for my family, my father and I are not exactly on speaking terms. I couldn’t easily forgive him for all he did, even if I saw him crying bitterly for wh

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