Chapter 6: Decision of The Alpha

Chapter 6: Decision of The Alpha

Rowan Selous’s pov,

“Rowan, think twice about it. I am not getting any good vibes about it.” Waylen suggested in a warning tone, banging his fist over the table, making a hole in the table as the sound of cracking the table thundered in my office. He was clearly angry with my decision. I knew he would be, as my friend and beta, it was expected from him. 

I turned to look back at him, keeping control over my wolf. He never likes to hear someone talking louder than him or me. He lowered his head slightly in respect of his Alpha, but his eyes were still meeting mine. 

“I will start preparation, then.” He responded in a mocking tone, glaring at me, showing his unwillingness to do it. Rolling his eyes, he left the office immediately, making loud sounds while taking every step on wooden flooring. We basically grew up together. Only Waylen had the right to talk to me or show his anger at me. 

Orson also has that right, but he couldn’t use it ever. He is a fae and mostly spends his time meditating. He lives with me but barely came out of his room. I had saved his life nearly a decade ago and from then; he was with me. He talks far less exactly opposite of Waylen, who barely stops. As a fae, Orson has power regarding the past and future. He can manipulate but as bound to rules of the moon goddess, every fae can guide only without telling the future.  

I walked up to the window of my room, gazing out into the deep forest where my cabin was. A small house far away from my pack, a simple way to avoid people. It’s the place where I have spent all my time and recently decided to return to take all responsibility for the pack. 

I am the alpha of Crescent pack, but my uncle Silas and aunt Ryane are looking after it in the position of alpha and luna of the pack. After the death of my parents, they took care of me and my pack, but now it’s time to take my responsibilities into my hands. According to rituals, I have to wait until I find a mate, but I have already made a new rule. 

To marry someone I barely know. That’s why Waylen was so angry. He wants me to wait until I find my mate, be happy, and have a lot of pups with her. I forgot the name of my bride, but she is my aunt’s niece and lives with the pack. As I rarely visited the pack, so I don’t know about her nor I am going to look at her. I need Luna to rule and she can’t deny the orders of her alpha. My uncle visited a few times and suggested this idea to me, which I liked. This way, every goal will be achieved. 

When I was five years old, my father went into a war and never returned. I understand my father had gone when my mother started screaming in pain as the mate bond between them broke. She couldn’t survive that brutality and gave up taking my father’s name in front of my eyes. There wasn’t a day I wouldn’t hear her screams. They came to visit me every night as they fed on me. 

My mother paid the price of loving my father so much. Pack members say the stronger the bond, the more painful it will be while breaking. They also say the moon goddess has made werewolves with pairs. Being with their mate will bring a lot of happiness in someone’s life, but the meaning of mate bond in my life was nothing more than a curse. I have seen my mother die because of this malefic mate bond and everyone from the pack was waiting to bind me with one. 

I wasn’t ready for that bullshit nor going to be ever. If I have a mate, I want her to be far, far away from me, so she can be at least safe. As an alpha of a strongest pack, going on a war wasn’t a big deal for me, nor getting attacked by other packs and species.

When my life was always engaged in conflicts, my death was always waiting at the doorstep of my room. If I die one day, I will cause tremendous pain to my mate until she dies with it. I don’t want what happened to my mother to happen to my mate. 

That’s why my decision to marry another woman before I could find my mate will be the correct one. This way I could keep her far away from me and she will be safe for forever. The death of my mother left an enormous impact on me. I have already prepared to reject my mate the moment she comes in front of me. Moon goddess will be kind enough to grant her another mate. 

The Sun was setting. The red, orange light had covered the entire horizon as a blanket over green forest. Walking out of my cabin to take a fresh breath of air. My wolf was excited, counting moments to let him take over me. He didn’t like it when I thought about our mate at all and always fought with me. 

A growl broke the silence of the atmosphere as my body temperature started to rise exponentially. I ran towards the densest part of the jungle while hairs were covering my body. My breathing was ragged, changing my demon to an angry one. The size of my body increased tremendously and tore all the clothes while reshaping my bones. 

I sped up, digging my paws in the ground. I transformed into a wolf completely. Usually, running across my territory was my duty, but I knew it was just an excuse to be away from everything and everyone. Even though I was away from the pack, living alone in the middle of the forest building a cabin, it wasn’t secluded for me. Forest was the place where my heart calmed down. 

After taking a long run in the night forest, a small tickle in my mind halted my pace, forcing me to turn around. Waylen was contacted through a mind link, only few Wolf can achieve the capability to get it and he was one of those. He requested me to return to the cabin.

I picked up the robe from a nearby tree, covering my body after getting into my human form at the back side of the cabin. 

I saw worried Waylen was standing outside of the door with Orson, who was smiling brightly at me. As a fae, Orson’s behavior always confuses everyone. 

“What’s wrong?” I questioned, approaching both of them, tying the knot tightly around my waist. 

“Everything.” Orson joked while bursting into laughter, but calmed himself soon.

“Shut up Orson.” Waylen waved his hand in the air, rolling his eyes at him. 

“Silas was shocked as I told him, you are taking over the pack before this full moon by marrying Sharon. Well, your aunt was genuinely happy for you, but your uncle Silas was stunned.” He added further, crossing his hands over his chest. He has hated my uncle Silas since our childhood. 

“That was expected. Anything else?” I asked to get inside the cabin, which was lit brightly in the dark middle of the dark forest. 

“Naa, they agreed at the end and Sharon was on cloud nine.” Waylen added in a frustrated tone, shutting the door close behind us. 

“Told them to get ready in the afternoon for the wedding ceremony.” I ordered while walking towards the dining table for dinner. 

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