Chapter 68

Aleena’s POV


“Noah! Let everyone in the pack know that Eva is fine! I’m sure a lot of pack members would be worried for her.”

“Okay. Alpha.” he nodded his head.

“By the way, you’re here? Is it because to know Eva’s situation?” I asked, arching my brow.

“No, Alpha. I have updated the status of the pack.”, he corrected me. Well, What could I say! I was still new to all these things. “I have done a headcount of the warriors we lost, and we have lost four warriors from this pack and seven warriors of Stone Moon pack.”

“Oh!”, I mumbled. I couldn’t feel that because I hadn’t taken an oath until now. Because as an Alpha, in case of death of any pack member, he or she could feel the pain. “And how many are injured?” I asked.

“Yes! I was coming to that part. Around 12 warriors are injured of this pack and 19 warriors pf Stone Moon pack.”

“Hmm. Prepare for the funeral for the warriors that sacrificed their life and ….” I paused before speaking, “Do whatever you used to do with the family of t
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