Chapter 04_Freddie

  Elsa sat still, in the rain. Not wanting to return to the house again. She doesn't know where to go. The thought of going to Alice's house came to her mind.

She can stay there for the night. She sat up and made to walk, she was already drained by the rain.

  "Barbie Doll...." She heard behind her and she turned immediately.

And there... Stood the man , she doesn't even know.

  "What are you doing.... Why are.... Are you stalking at me?" Elsa managed to say.

She was already getting Cold and need to lay down.

"You're cold. Let me drive you home?" The man said, ignoring her question.

  "Home?" Elsa muttered, to her... There's no home.

"My home" The man said and Elsa swallowed the lump in her throat.

"Okay" She muttered. 

She know she's not supposed to be going out with a stranger, not to talk of going to his house. But right now, she doesn't care.

  She just want to be somewhere that her family is not at.

The man led her to his car and Elsa was already shivering.

  "I'm wet... Is it okay if I still sit?" Elsa asked when the man opened the car door.

Elsa saw him smirked and it disappeared immediately. The man is still as handsome as she had seen him earlier, but he look more handsome now... Because he's wet.

  "Get in,Barbie Doll" The man and Elsa nodded then get into the car.

She wondered why the man kept calling her Barbie doll, but she have much to worry about now and not about the nickname.

  The driver's door opened and the man entered the car, turn on the car engine and drove off.

Throughout half of the ride, Elsa remained silent. She placed her head on the window and continued to sob. She's so mad at her father.

  "Who are you." Elsa finally asked. More like a statement than a question.

The man looked at her, smirked and faced the road again, without replying her. Elsa scoff and stare out of the window.


   "Thank You" Elsa said as the man handed her a cup of tea.

They've just arrived at the man's house and was sitting in the sitting room. Surprisedly to Elsa, she wasn't scared of this man... She wasn't even scared of being alone , here in the same house, alone with him.

   She placed the glass on the table and rubbed her palms nervously.

"I'll take you to your room, to get changed. You're so wet" The man said.

"You're so wet" Elsa said in her mind. 

 Geez! She hit herself, she can't believe she's thinking of the other way round.

"My room? Have you been waiting.... Did you plan on getting me to your house?" Elsa asked.

  This man is weird.

"C'mon Barbie doll. Will you like to be in my room then?" He smirked.

  "No!" Elsa snapped and the man laughed.

Elsa find herself drolling. This man is super handsome," Elsa thought.

  His white sparkling teeth shines Brightly. But Elsa wondered what's wrong with his accent. He keep switching accents.

"Follow me then" The man said and Elsa nodded.

  She thrilled behind him as they climbed the stairs, she was walking six feets away from him.

They arrived at a door and the man stopped. "Go take your bath" The man said.

"Thanks" Elsa replied.

 "I'll be here, Barbie doll" He whispered in her ears.

Elsa swallowed and slowly walked into the room not forgetting to shut the door behind her.

  She held her heart and sighed before she quickly put her hand inside her pocket and brought out a medicine which she opened and swallowed two pills from it.

"Now I feel better" Elsa sighed.

   She admired the room, the room was painted blue and it's so beautiful and cozy. The king-size bed there seemed to be looking at her, smiling, and asking her to drop by.

How silly! She laughs. She needs to take her bath first.

  She pulled off her clothes after ensuring the door is closed. Then she walked to the bathroom and turned the shower on. She's cold, so she'd go for warm bath. That feels much more better.


  Elsa walked out of the bathroom wrapped in towel, she was drying her hair with another towel.

Elsa almost jumped when she saw her Mr. Stranger standing at the door staring at her, She swallowed when she calmed down.

  "Why are you here? You said you'd wait outside" Elsa told him.

The man smirked and this time, Elsa doesn't see it as a handsome smirk. She's scared now.

  Mr. Stranger starts walking towards Elsa and all Elsa could do was just to keep drawing back.

What have I gotten myself into ? Elsa questioned herself.

What was she even thinking when she hopped into his car? When she came into his house? When she agreed to take a bath at his house.

  Her back hits the wall and she knews there's no other way out. She's doomed, Elsa slowly shut her eyes when the man was near her. They were now breathing the same air.

He's damn tall! Elsa told herself.

  "I brought you this" Mr. Stranger said handing her some clothes.

Elsa breathed down, it wasn't what she thought.

  "Thank you" she replied and collected the cloth. 

She hadn't even thought about what cloth she'd wear after bathing. Gosh! This guy sure has a strong effect on her.

  "I'm outside. Barbie doll" Mr. Stranger said and started walking out, after Elsa nodded.

He stopped and smiled at Elsa. "Do come down and watch some movies after" 

  "No. I'm tired, I just need some sleep" Elsa said slowly.

The man nodded. "I see your mum didn't allow you... Anyways do have a good time rest" He smirked and walked out.

  Elsa breathed down heavily, that was a relief!.


"Handle the damn f**king sh*t and don't call my da*n number again!" Mr. Stranger yelled.

He was on call.

   "I don't want to hear that f**king thing mehn! You told me you'd handle his god-damned a*s" he waited for the receiver to reply.

"Find him! He mustn't say any sh*t to the Russians.. He Fu**king owns what's mine!" He cursed.

"I'll be right there" He finally said and disconnected the call.

  He dropped the cigarette stick in his hand and quickly hurried upstairs. He entered his room and put on a jacket.

He was about going back downstairs but he stopped at Elsa's door and peeped.

  She was sleeping peacefully, like a baby. He smiled and shut her door before walking downstairs, next to his car, and then he drove out of the compound.

Even though it was night already.


  Elsa opened her eyes when she heard to door shut. She had heard him on call and Elsa wondered how he's so comfortable with using so many swearing words.

Well, everybody won't be as her. She's so hungry and that was why she couldn't sleep. She wondered if it's okay to go take something from his fridge.

  It's 10:43 at night. Elsa wondered who could leave his house at this time of the night.

Elsa felt she herself had gone mad. She doesn't even know this man's name or who he is? This man have been like, stalking at her and seems she just made things easier for him.

  Well, that's not it. She's actually trying to stay away from her family. Probably for two days or so. But she wondered where she's going to stay all long. Yes! She got lucky to stay in this strangers house but for how long?

She should probably just leave tomorrow morning. if she had some cash on her, she'd go to the motel and spend some alone time there.

  Right now, all she feels is the feeling of hatred. She had been calling someone who's not her mum, mum. And to think she doesn't deserve it.

She's so much more disappointed in her father, Is this the reason all of them treats her like she's a trash? Because her mother is not there?.

  But why didn't anybody tell her all this while? Why did he father hide it from her?. 

Elsa got up from the bed, she was starting to feel headache. She had tried to stop her self from crying.

She's not the one at loss.. it was them, They don't deserve her as well as her tears.

    Elsa walked out of the room and turned on the passage light, She find her way into the kitchen and it wasn't easy as the house is a big one.

Elsa smiled when she looked at the stranger's cloth she was wearing. It was just a black top and it's actually big on her , but she could feel she's beautiful on it and she loved it.

  She entered the kitchen and everything was neatly arranged. "He's sure a neat guy" Elsa smiled.

She opened the fridge and brought out a can of yogurt and a cake, alongside some strawberries. She doesn't know when last she had ate them.

 She placed them on the counter and sat, backing the door. First she gulp down half of the yogurt and then the cake, that was when she realized how hungry she was.

"What are you doing?" A voice said behind her and she almost screamed.

It wasn't her saviour... The man without a name, This person. Is dressed in all black...

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