Chapter 12_Who admires who?

Radon stood beside his car and waited for Elsa. School is over and he did drop by as he promised. He was dressed in a black trouser and Black top. He was wearing a black cap making unable for one to recognize him.

   Elsa pulled away from Freddie immediately and slapped him. She was in tears and she couldn't control it.

"Angel" Freddie called as he hold his cheek.

"What do you take me for? A weak lady that you can always come back and mess with because you think she can't do anything?" Elsa yelled. Some students who hasn't gone home yet stood and was staring at them now.

  "That's not it Elsa. I said I'm sorry, please I know you still love me. Don't act so hard and allow me fix things here" Fred said and take her hand.

Elsa slapped his hand off him. " Stay away from me " She muttered before storming out.

 Freddie stood holding his cheek as

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