Chapter 13_Butterflies in her belly

Radon hugged her back without any question though he was worried. Elsa pulled away from the hug and looked away shyly.

  "I'm sorry about that" She said folding her hands beneath her breast.

Radon smiled. "You're so adorable" He said and touched her cheeks. Elsa blushed.

   "Thank You" Elsa smiled. 

"Aww, you're so red! Did you hug me because you badly want me?" Radon smirked.

Elsa pouted. "No!" She almost shouted but she knew she was lying. She badly wanted him. She wish to know what he feels like, right now,she isn't thinking straight. She just want him.

Radon laughed and grab hold of her pouty bottom lip between his thumb and forefinger.

 “Don’t pout, Barbie doll. If the wind changes you’ll get stuck like that,” he joked, running his thumb along her lip. The movement made Elsa's mouth water for some r

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