Chapter 47_You can't even flirt, Barbie doll.

"The bartender at the school canteen"

" Holy fuck." They exclaim.

" No way. That man is too quiet and polite. He has a daughter and she's ten." Olivia says. I have seen him but I know nothing about him. He doesn't make me doubt him."

" Oh my God. Marina fucked up real bad. What was your parent's reaction?"

" They cut her out of the family," Elsa answered.

" Damn, baby Jesus. She deserves it big time. She's fuckin annoying".

" What's gonna happen to her? I pity her." Lucas asks.

" It's easy. She's gonna drop out of college. Move out of the apartment cause I'm gonna make sure you don't renew the rent on the apartment. She's gonna suffer and maybe move to the countryside because of shame and start farming." Alice said with a smug grin. She picks up her box of Twizzlers and slips out one.

" Okay, that's heartless Alice"

" Damn. When we were eighteen, close to prom and graduation in high school, she fucked my boyfriend after I introduced both of them. Since then, I despise her.
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