Chapter 49_Kill or get killed

There's a bulky man at the entrance. Elsa smile at him and showed him her ID. He opens the door and she walk in. The loud music welcome her ears as she stride in. She look around this litly dim club and strippers with barely no clothing dance around to enter this men.

" Mic check, Barbie Doll." Radon's voice whispers against her ear from the earpiece.

" I'm in. On my way to the bar." She whisper as she stalk to the bar.

" He's gonna walk up to you. He's among those horny fuckers being entered by the strippers. He's wearing a white dress shirt. You know what to do from there."

" Seen." She whisper and sit on the counter.

Elsa turn to look at Robert as their eyes meet. She smirk and look away and snap her fingers at the bartender.

" Whiskey , please." She tells the bartender. He nods and leaves.

" Are you in here?" Elsa whisper to the earpiece.

" No. But I'm watching you. I've got my men scattered around. You'll be fine." She nod.

The bartender returns as he slid
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