Chapter Four

“Is something wrong?”

After the weird halo shit that happened, Dad and Uncle Al drew into the kitchen for a ‘private discussion'. They were not being very quiet about it as I heard my name and words like ‘spell’, ‘charm’ and ‘bracelet’.

Frustrated, I leaned against the kitchen door with my arms crossed. They kept quiet as soon as they saw me then looked at each other with raised brows.

“There is no point keeping quiet about it now,” Uncle Al said.

“Keeping quiet about what?” I asked.

“We cannot just tell her. There should be a way to reverse this,” Dad contemplated, rubbing his shaven chin.

“Going back in time?”

“It is against the rules, Albert.”

“Then, we tell her.”

“I promised her mother that I will not have her involved in that part of our lives.”

“What about Mom?” I piped up and ended up completely ignored. Again.

“There is no point saying nothing. She is a growing child and will continue to develop.”

I looked down at my small chest, unable to comprehend where this two way conversation was heading.

“Phoebe,” Uncle Al began.

“No,” Dad cut in. “Let me tell her. I am her father.”

“So am I.”

“Just spit it out!” I demanded.

“You know, you look just like your mother,” Uncle Al teased.

“Phoebe,” Dad began to explain. “You are a witch.”

I looked at the two of them, waiting for them to call off the joke but their serious expression made me think otherwise. “What? Dad, for your first ever joke, this is a pretty good one but dry.”

“No, he is being serious,” Uncle Al said. “We are wizards and our child which makes you a… witch.”

“As in Sabrina the witch? Like in the Charmed series? Like Harry Potter wizards?”

“I don’t know what those are but yes,” Dad replied.

“I told you to keep up to date with the modern world, you idiot,” Uncle Al said, rolling his eyes. “Yes, darling, those sort of things. But those are a bit exaggerated and not in any sense, like the real wizarding world.”

“Okay.” I chuckled. “I have humored you two long enough. Where is the prank camera?”

“In all your life, Phoebe, have I ever lied to you?” Dad asked, his voice growing high pitched.

“You told me you would catch me if I jumped off the tree climber,” I deadpanned.

“Wait, what?” Uncle Al exclaimed. “Why would you do that, Juniper?”

“I was not expecting it. She took too long, crying and whining and you know very well that I cannot use my powers on her when she has that bracelet on,” Dad said with a shrug. “Which is now destroyed by the way and look, she is fine.”

“You are horrible.”

“You guys should not joke about this type of stuff anymore. I am not six anymore.” I turned to leave but could not make it past the door. It was like there was an invisible wall. “What is going on?”

“We are not done talking, young lady,” I heard my father say.

When I turned to face him, all the objects in the kitchen floated in the air. I gasped in horror, backing away.

“Watch the knife,” Dad warned.

“I am not going to stab her,” Uncle Al scoffed.

Sure enough, the cutting knife floated inches away from my face before flying across the room to its original position.

“Do you believe us now or would you like to see another magic trick?”

“Is this a new technology like CGI and stuff?” I nervously asked, unable to fully comprehend what I saw.

“If this were technology,” Dad said in a low voice, his eyes glowing white, “Why did you react so strangely when you touched me? Why are your feet not touching the ground?”

I looked down at myself a few inches off the ground and screamed.

“Put her down, Juniper. You are scaring her.”

“No child of mine should fear!”

“Okay! Okay! I believe you. I am witch and you are a wizard,” I cried. “Please put me down.”

When my feet touched the tiles, I rested against the wall with an overwhelming urge to puke. I think I might have peed my pants too.

In the living room, Uncle Al sat me on the sofa then snapped his fingers. A mug of hot cocoa with marshmallow appeared right out of thin air and landed gently on to my lap. Cautiously, I picked it up and took a sip. It tasted good, exactly how Uncle Al makes it. Unless, he never made it the way I always thought he did. That explains why I was never able to prepare it for myself. It never tasted as good.

“Uncle Al, can you really cook or do you just use magic?”

Uncle Al smiled in a mischievous manner and contoured himself a mug of coffee.

“Even I can’t answer that,” Dad said sitting down with an exhausted sigh. “You are taking the rest of the week off school and any social gathering.”

“Wait what? I can’t. It’s a revision week.”

“Your exam is in two weeks, Phoebe. Now, we will spend the rest of the week watching what other powers will show. Tell me, what did you see when you touched me earlier?”

“You were glowing. There was a lot of light.”

“Aura,” Uncle Al said. “You see aura.”

“What other powers do you think might show up?”

“It is impossible to say since they have been locked away since you were little. They might all come out at once, forcing their way through.”

“Like period cramps,” Dad added. “Awful.”

“Wait what?”

“In the meantime, go change out of your uniform. Wait, did you not mention something about a ball hitting your face? Who did it?”

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