I let Ace and Morgan in on the plan over lunch and they eyed every part of it with suscpicion. It was almost not to pull my hair out, wondeering why they were not supportive.

“Because you are the only one doing everything. We are coming with you,” Morgan said.

“I can’t get anyone in more trouble.”

“Screw that thought. I’m coming because I want this crazy plan of yours actually work. The chances of it not working if you do it solo are high, Phoebe.”

“If you don’t me tag along, I will screw you up,” Ace threatened.

“How are the kids?”

“Turning that place into a fortress. Tina is a boss in the making. You should ordering the rest around and it makes you wonder if she really was shy or an introvert.”

We continued to gossip until we had to separate at the town’s market area. I locked eyes with Sir Hampton as I found my way back to the Tower. A light smirk played on his lips, leaving me weirded out. Whatever he was up to would definitely not be good. If he could put his trouble making on ho
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