Chapter 5 Waking up

Thaddeus POV

He still hasn't woken up and it's been a little over 2 weeks now. I've been by his side the whole time.

I just recently had him moved to my room. I wanted him to be more comfortable and it'll be easier for me since my room is more accessible for me being that I'm in a wheelchair.

Most of his bruises and swelling have healed by now thanks to werewolf healing. Although he did heal slower than he normally should had for a werewolf. But that's to be expected with as malnourished and weak as he was.

I've given him the bed and I have been sleeping on the chaise. I don't want to scare him in case he wakes up while I'm sleeping in bed with him. He'd probably freak out waking up next to somebody he didn't know.

Although I have laid with him a couple times to hold him when he would have a nightmare. I would hear him whimpering and his face would scrunch up. Sometimes he would even cry.

I would climb in bed and hold him.  He would instantly relax and snuggle into me.

I spend most of my time here with him. Either sitting next to him holding his hand or just sitting in the room with him reading a book. I want to be here when he wakes up and being near him relaxes my wolf.

When I'm not with him all I can think about is him and wishing I knew who did this to him. It angers me so much and it made my wolf furious when we think of who could be responsible for this.

I want the fucking head of whoever dared to touch him. He dared to touch what's MINE!

My wolf wants blood, we want to tear this bastard apart piece by piece.

Zeus has taken over a couple of times after getting so angry thinking about it. He would take off into the woods for hours hunting and killing anything we could find. I would come back home covered in blood, dirt and grime while plucking leaves and twigs out of my hair. Damn mutt at least could have tried not to get us so filthy! Of course he would huff at me for calling him a mutt.

But I can only neglect my duties for so long so I've slowly started getting back to my alpha duties.

Aiden's POV

I was trying to wake up, I kept hearing this annoying beeping sound but my eyes were just so heavy. Almost as if they were glued shut and I just couldn't open them.

I felt somebody holding my hand and talking to me. Almost sounded like he was crying, asking me to wake up and telling me I'm safe now. I don't recognize the voice but his voice is so calming and soothing. I stopped trying to open my eyes and drifted off again.

I woke up again but I haven't opened my eyes yet, I'm too comfy. It feels like I'm laying on a cloud. The bed is so soft I don't know if I've ever actually slept on a bed before.

I go to move my left arm but there's something heavy on it. I hear somebody mumbling so I slowly open my eyes. After blinking a few times I turn my head and look over to see what's on my arm.

When I look over at my arm I see somebody holding my hand and his head is laying on my arms. I couldn't help but stare at him, he's gorgeous!

He has long wavy light brown hair with blond highlights, well kept facial hair that's kind of tickling my arm as he moves his lips while he's whispering.

He has a small hoop earring in his ear and nose. And the tattoos! Holy cow, is there even a spot that doesn't have tattoos on this man!

I can't help but stare at the details of the tattoo on his neck and watching it move while he swallows.

His eyes are closed and he hasn't even noticed I'm awake yet. But I hear him mumbling please wake up.

I'm not sure what came over me, I slowly lifted my right hand over me and brush the hair away from his face.

He takes in a sharp breath and jerks his head up to look at me. His head whipped up so fast I thought he was going to give himself whiplash.

He looks at me with glassy eyes and whispers "your awake!"

I tried to talk but I started coughing right away. He reached over and grabbed a glass of water handing it to me. I gulped it down as it soothed my dry scratchy throat. I handed it back to him and whispered "thank you."

After he set the glass down he looked like he wanted to reach for my hand again but he fought the urge to do so.

"How are you feeling? Are you in any pain he asked?"

"I-I feel fine." I replied quietly.

"What is your name?" He asked after a few moments.

"Aiden" I replied.

He whispered my name almost like he was trying it out on his lips. He seemed to smile slightly after that almost as if he enjoyed saying me name.

"Where am? What happened?" I asked.

I thought for sure I died when I jumped off the cliff and hit the water. I didn't say that part to him though.

"Me and my beta found you floating down the river and brought you back here to the Midnight pack. You were in really bad shape. You had internal injuries and had to have surgery.

You were unconscious for over two weeks." He said.

"Who are you?" I asked? "My name is Thaddeus, Alpha of the Midnight Moon pack."

My eyes go wide and my heart starts beating frantically. All the sudden it feels like I can't breathe. I slowly start moving away. I backed up until my back hit the headboard and I couldn't move any further.

What have I gotten myself into now I thought? An Alpha! Not again! At this point I can't breathe, my breaths are coming fast, my chest feels tight and I feel tears running down my face.

He looks worried for some reason. He puts his hands up as if trying to calm me down but that just makes me move more toward the middle of the bed out of his reach.

Then I see him through blurry eyes, getting up out of his chair and into the bed as he tried to reach for me.

I flinched away.

But that's when I noticed for the first time that he wasn't sitting in a normal chair, but a wheelchair. I noticed the awkward way he put himself onto the bed from the chair.

For some reason this seemed to snap me out of it and I started to calm down and just looked at him in shock.

He seemed to realize that I finally noticed he was in a wheelchair and how my reaction changed from that.

He put his head down closing his eyes and exhaled slowly while putting his hands back in his lap.

His reaction confused me. Aren't Alpha's supposed to be angry and mean. Aren't they supposed to hurt me.

He look like he could kill me just by looking at me or snap me in half with his fingers. I mean granite he's in a wheelchair, but the man is huge though!

The man's looks like he has some crazy upper body strength that's for sure!

There's muscles popping out of places I didn't even know muscles would pop out of. If that wasn't intimidating enough his tattoos sure the hell are.

But the reaction I just got didn't fit what I expected from someone who was about to hurt me.

He sighed, "I'll just take my leave and let you rest." He started to move to go back into his chair.

Without thinking I reached out and grabbed his arm quickly and said "wait!"

As soon as I touched him I felt this weird sensation. I couldn't let go for a moment because I was so memorized by it. I just looked at my hand touching his arm.

It was weird... this little tingly sensations going up my fingers, all the way up my arm. Then it seemed to just shoot throughout my body and made my chest feel all warm and fuzzy.

I slowly pulled my hand back after a few moments and looked up at him.

"What was that?" I asked.

Looking me in the eyes he said, "that was the mate bond.... You're my mate." He said with his deep raspy voice.

I gasp and my eyes went wide.

I've heard about mates. I just didn't know the details, I didn't know how to identify a mate. I never had anyone tell me how the mate bond actually works. I only knew what it was.

He was about to say something else when there was a knock at the door.

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