Chapter 9 Breakfast

Aiden's POV

I open the door from the bathroom and slowly peeked out. I didn't see the alpha anywhere. I slowly came out of the bathroom and notice he left some clean clothes neatly folded at the end of the bed.

I looked around the room for him and couldn't find him anywhere. I checked the closet as well thinking maybe he was in there changing or something.

I went back over to the bed and got dressed then sat on the end of the bed confused.

I thought we were going downstairs to eat. That is what he said right.?

Maybe I made him mad and now I don't get to eat breakfast.

That must be it, I made him mad and as punishment I don't get to have breakfast now. My stomach tightened and knotted at the thought of that. I felt my eyes sting as tears built up in my eyes and then slowly began to fall.

Gosh I'm so stupid! I always mess everything up! I can't believe I've already made him mad. I lean forward and put my head in my hands as my shoulders shook while I cried. I wonder what will happen to be now. Is he going to send me down into the basement too.

Thaddeus POV

Grace really outdid herself with breakfast this morning.

I wasn't sure what he would like to eat so I brought a little bit of everything.

I brought up some omelettes, bacon, sausage, and waffles with a side of strawberry, banana slices, chocolate syrup and whipped cream since I wasn't sure what he'd like on his waffles.

And some fresh squeezed orange juice for the both of us.

I was thinking maybe we can sit on the balcony and have breakfast together since it's such a nice morning.

I entered the bedroom slowly so I wouldn't startle him. I had the tray on my lap.

He was sitting on the edge of the bed with his head in his hands and it looked like he was crying.

As soon as I shut the door he looked up quickly. I looked at him with a worried face.

He quickly wiped his face. I went over to the table and set the tray down. I turned back to him, "what's wrong?" I asked.

He sniffled then looked down and begun playing with his fingers. I went closer to him and softly said," hey, you can talk to me, what's wrong?"

He softly stuttered, "y-you said we were g-going downstairs for b-breakfast.... I-I couldn't find you anywhere when I came out of the ba-bathroom.... I-I thought you were mad at me and have breakfast without me."

I was shocked, why would I be mad?

I could never be mad at him. And what did he think I wasn't going to let him eat or something?

My heart clenched at the thought that he was so upset thinking I left him up here like that.

I reached up and gently wiped the tears from his face. I was surprised when he didn't flinch. I rubbed his cheek with my thumb, "I can never be mad at you. I just saw how weak you were still when you went to the bathroom. I thought it'd be better if I just brought breakfast up to you."

He looked up and stared at me for a moment then closed his eyes and leaned into my hand that was still resting on his cheek. He gently smiled ever so slightly.

I wanted to scoop him up into my lap and wrap my arms around him and hold him tight. But I knew that would scare him so I settled for staying as we were in the moment.

Suddenly I heard a loud growl and it wasn't me. Aiden immediately looked down blushing. It was his stomach. I chuckled as I said, "let's get some food in you."

"I was thinking we could sit on the balcony and eat breakfast what do you think?" He looked at me and nodded his head.

I grabbed the tray and put it in my lap and headed out to the balcony.

As you walk out onto the patio, on the left I have a little round table with 3 chairs (Marcus, Zendaya and Xander sometimes sit out here with me).

To the right I have a round wicker daybed. The wicker is dark brown. The round cushion that you sit on is  cream. It has a lot of assorted throw pillows, cream and dark brown. It's perfect for relaxing and reading a book.

We get outside and I set the food down on the table. Aiden slowly walks out and took a seat. He looked nervous and was chewing on that bottom lip again. Boy if he doesn't stop I'm going to be eating that bottom lip for breakfast instead of what I brought up.

I had to force that thought away.

"I didn't know what you'd like to eat so I brought a little bit of everything up." I said as I fixed us both a plate and set his plate in front of him. His eyes went huge when I set his plate down in front of him. I'm pretty sure I even saw a little bit of drool.

I told him to go ahead and dig in. He hesitated for a moment and slowly picked up the fork. He glanced back up at me as if he wasn't sure if he could really eat it. "Go ahead, it's okay." I said softly. 

He slowly raised his fork and took a bite of the omelette. He closed his eyes and a soft little moan escaped his mouth.

He took a bigger bite this time and had the same reaction. His eyes closed and a soft little moan escaped his mouth. A moment later he licked his lips.

Oh Goddess no! This little thing doesn't understand what he's doing to me. I had to adjust myself when I started to get hard and uncomfortable in my pants.

He started eating a little faster and I chuckled, "slow down, you're going to make yourself sick." I said to him.

He went for the waffles next. I watched it as he piled all the toppings on it eagerly. Which made me raise a eyebrow at how much was piled on top of that thing. I had to suppress a laugh.

He looked so happy and giddy getting ready to eat it.

When he took a bite he closed his eyes and let out another moan again, this one a little louder.. Fuck!

I felt me dick twitch in my pants.

By now my cock was staining so hard against my jeans it was hurting.

I cleared my throat.

"Little one if you keep making those noises I'm going to be eating you for breakfast." He looked at me surprised and blushed hard.

I chuckled at him and he turned even more red which I didn't think was possible.

"So cute!" I mumbled.

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Abigail Phillips
Thank you so much! Your comment means a lot. I'm so happy you like the story. Thank you so much for reading my book!
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Vikki Lee
your descriptive writing skills make my heart react. the love and pain that you have written about are so real. I am so happy I found this book because I cannot stop reading!!

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