Chapter 10

Thaddeus POV

We just finished eating and I set everything aside. I figured now's a good time to ask him some questions.

"Aiden I'd like to know who did this to you?" He looked a little nervous then looked down fiddling with his fingers.

"I know it's probably hard for you to talk to me because you don't really know me. But I really care about you, I want to know what happened to you and who did this to you?

You don't have to be afraid to talk to me. I'm not going to hurt you.

You're safe here now and I will make sure of it. I won't let anyone hurt you again."

He looked up a little bit, but still looked apprehensive about looking me in the eyes. I reached over and lifted his chin up more.

"Aiden look at me... It's okay!" I said in a soft voice.

I let out a sigh when he still wouldn't look me in the eyes.

"Can you at least tell me what pack you came from?"

He looked at me but still not quite in the eyes and finally said in soft voice as he stuttered out, 

"I-I came f-from th-the blood moon pack."

"Can you tell me who did this to you?" I asked.

He looks back down at his hands and quietly whispered, "the al-alpha."

I was pissed! I felt the anger raged through me! How could his own Alpha do this to him? How can anyone hurt him?

My hands were clenched tight. I felt my wolf clawing in my head wanting out, ramming at the barrier in my head. I felt a rumble in my chest as a deep loud growl rose from my chest, my body trembling with rage.

I heard a whimper and my head shot over to look at him! He had his arms wrapped around himself with his eyes closed tight and head down. His lower lip was trembling as a tear ran down his face

I immediately realized I scared him. He must have thought I was angry with him. I took a deep breath and relaxed myself. My wolf whimpered in my head at the thought of scaring our mate. Mate is scared of us he whimpered in my head.

I reached over and gently cupped his face.  "Hey I'm not mad at you.

I'm sorry for scaring you, I didn't mean to. I just got so mad at the thought of anyone hurting you."

He slowly looked up into my eyes like he was surprised I said that.

I was so happy he finally looked me in the eyes.

I gently caressed his cheek with my thumb. He closed his eyes and leaned into my hand. It made my heart swell seeing him react to my touch like this.

We sat like that for a few moments until he slowly moved away.

I figured I wouldn't push him anymore right now. I slowly sat back and glanced at my watch. Shit, I have to get out to the the training field.

It's 10:00 and I promised I'd help Marcus with training today since it's Saturday.

" I'm sorry I have to get ready for training now."  I said to Aiden. "I'll be gone for a few hours. Are you comfortable going downstairs?" He shook his no head really fast.

I let out a sigh, "okay well you can just hang out in the room while I'm gone. You can watch TV or something." I said as I backed up then turned to go back into the room

We went back into the room and I handed him the remote before going into the closet to change.

When I came back out he was sitting on the bed staring at the remote with a confused look on his face.

I figured he had no clue how to use it so I went over and showed him how to use it.

"What do you likes to watch? I can put something on for you." I said.

He looked embarrassed then looked down into his lap.

He quietly stuttered out,  "I-I don't know... I've ne-never watched TV before."

I sat there shocked for a moment just looking at him.

What the hell I thought! What did they keep him locked up in the dungeon or something?

I let out of sigh then showed him how to change the channels and told him to just flip through the channels until he sees something he'd like to watch.

I had to get out of here before I scared him again because I was feeling the anger building up in me again thinking of the way they treated him.

I really needed to get on that training field to release some of this anger fast.

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Debbie Proffer
Poor guy I feel sorry for aiden
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Sue Brown
I know he will open up to the alpha
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I'm sorry, I'm not sure what you mean.

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