Chapter 11

Thaddeus POV

I made my way to the training grounds and spotted Marcus yelling at some of the warriors and correcting their stances.

Marcus is my lead warrior. He is the best and strongest warrior and does a great job training.

Marcus is tall around 6'6. He's strong and very well built. He has light brown skin, long dark brown hair in dreads but he pulls them back during training.

I'd say Xander and Marcus are pretty close in strength but not as strong as me. Marcus is a little faster then Xander which is one way he ends up taking him down so during training.

When he spots me he yells to the warriors to continue with training and walks over to me with a concern look on his face. I guess he could tell how I was feeling by my expression and the aura rolling off of me.

He walks up and grasp my shoulder as he says, "hey what's going on man?"

Marcus just like Xander is really close to me. They're both like brothers and we always look out for each other. I haven't known him as long as X
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Abigail Phillips
I'm confused, this was not a repeat chapter so I'm not certain what you're referring to when you said you paid to read something twice?
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V Jaye
Awesome so far

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