Chapter 101

Noah's POV

I slowly wake up and try to stretch my legs out but I pause when I feel something under my feet even when I move them around trying to get away from what's below my feet. 

I open my eyes and slowly start to move around. Confused I start pulling everything off of me which takes me a few moments because there's a lot of junk on top of me. I finally pulled the last blanket off and what looks like Michael's shirt. 

I lay there looking at the ceiling for a moment trying to get my bearings. Confused as to why I'm where I'm at and not laying with Michael. I sit up and look over the edge of this thing. I don't see him anywhere so I sit up all the way and look around me.

Fuck me! Seriously? Like when the hell did I start making these damn things. I kick my feet out kicking the bottom of the stupid mess away pushing my right hand out knocking the right wall out and watch the junk tumble to the ground. 

I smirk with triumph now

Abigail Phillips


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These two crack me up, essentially Noah lol

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