Chapter 105

Noah's POV

"Noah baby we've gotta get up." I hear Michael say again.

I bury my face deeper into his neck, "no I don't want to." I say, my words sounding muffled from my lips being pressed against his neck.

I opened my mouth and suck on his neck as I let my hand roam down across his stomach until my hand is wrap around his cock. 

"Noah, we have to get up and get ready."  Michael says in his rough sexy voice.

I hear Michael growl as I squeeze his cock. Feeling it twitch in my hand as it stirs to life. 

I slowly start to stroke it as I suck and kiss on his neck.

"Fuck little one!" Michael says as he hisses.

I rock my hips forward pressing my hardened length against his hip, letting him feel how hard I am.

"Little one, you're being very bad!" Michael says with a growl.

I continue to stroke his length letting my thumb slip over the top running my thumb along the slit as I spread the precum arou

Abigail Phillips


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goodnovel comment avatar
yikes. I am going to look into that now. thank you for bringing that to my attention.
goodnovel comment avatar
Kyoki Robertson Whitney
I’m loving the story!!! You’re mixing up the wolf names for Michael, you’ve call the wolf Zeus a few times these past few chapters

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