Epilogue 2, The final chapter.

Thaddeus POV

I looked on in horror as the doctor frantically worked inside of Aiden's stomach while a nurse readied a machine with two paddles in her hands.

"It's ready doctor." She said with a trembling voice.

"One more second Angela I've almost got it." A moment later he quickly says," got it!"

"Clear!" He said as he moved away. Another nurse pulls me away from Aiden.

She placed the paddles on his body.

His body jerked violently a moment later. She looked at the monitor which went back to the long continuous sound.

The machine readied itself again before she yelled "clear!"

She shocked him again and his body violently jerked upwards off the table again.

The monitor

Abigail Phillips


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Abigail Phillips
Thank you so much everyone for all the wonderful comments! I'm so happy everyone enjoyed the book!
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Vivienne Musse
Ok, I’m all over that for sure. Excellent work love. Cost me but this will be the first time I say, it’s actually worth it. Hugs and see you at The Hybrid Reed etc
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Aww I enjoyed reading this so much…thank you Abigail
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