Book 2 Chapter 28

Lycus POV

Stretching, I snuggle into Aleera. I have to scoot closer when I don't feel her. Patting the bed, I feel for her, but she is gone when I feel a foot. My brows scrunch together, and I sit up, thinking she must have awoken finally. Instead, I come face to face with a huge cock in my face.

"Geez, not what I want to wake up to first thing in the morning, Tobias," I growled. Tobias is standing over the top of me on the bed, his cock inches from my face when I sit up. Rubbing my eyes, I push on his thighs, but he slaps my hands. "Pay up," He purrs.

"Bit early for that. I need coffee first," I laugh.

"That's what your excuse was yesterday," Kalen says, and I glance over at him. Bloody traitor. I glare at him.

"It has come to my attention that you have not paid up on a single one of your cocksucking deals," Tobias says.

He gripped my hair hard and closed to my scalp. I brought my hand up to his, wincing from the sensation's pain. My eyes were wide, surprised, as I tested my ability
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goodnovel comment avatar
lol I really enjoyed the playtime in this chapter. It was light and funny <3 I LOL’d so many times!
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As much as I love Jessica hall books because the writing and story are so good, I’m starting to avoid them because they’re almost NEVER finished and I have to constantly wait for updates. There’s like three others that are unfinished, being written by her. It’s getting annoying.
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Kelly Cooke
love this had me giggling... tobias cracks me up, I'd love more regular updates x your books are amazing x

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