Book 2 Chapter 38

It was the day Lycus met Kalen, the day Kalen’s bully beat him almost to death. Lycus' blood boiled as he watched for a few seconds before intervening, the rage inside him was like an erupting volcano. Grew hotter and hotter as the memories of his father standing over his mother and beating her to death returned to the forefront of his mind.

He couldn’t save her, but he could protect the boy being pummeled by someone much older. So that was what he did. Lycus’s protective nature I watched grew to obsession. Kalen became his personal project to keep safe. Not only from the other kids but also from the teachers.

Kalen was the weakest of the Fae. Lycus should have been like him, a dark Fae. And he couldn’t bear watching the helplessness on his face, the same helplessness he felt tied to that tree muzzled and unable to fight back. Kalen distracted him and kept him intrigued as he watched who everyone called the strange boy, the outcast.

Yet as he watched Kalen, he realized he was the st
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Omg poor Kalen and Lycus
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Nancy Alexander
Lycus his father is a piece of work. I hope he gets his just desserts.
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no only the keeper memory walks

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