Book 2 Chapter 39

The majority of Lycus's memories were similar to that of Kalen's. Thing's I had already seen before. Yet his last core memory was of Kalen's suicide, how Lycus watched his depression grow out of hand when I didn't reply to the chat group.

I realized that all of Lycus's hate for me at the start was purely for that reason; he saw me as the person responsible for taking the one person who meant the most to him, the one person he spent the vast majority of his life protecting. Lycus saw me as the villain that repeatedly broke him and drove him to the edge. He blamed my absence for Kalen's destruction and blamed me for him killing himself.

That hate only stopped that night in the basement when I took it from Kalen. Only then did Lycus see past his hate for me, only then did his opinion of me change. Only then did he realize I wasn't the enemy but the missing piece, their keeper and their mate but most of all the one that could piece Kalen back together again.

Once the last memory hit me,
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Lololololo very true
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Zesta Amanda Skouson-McGinnis
So hot! I can’t wait for all the group sex they’ll start having. I love reverse harem group sex. I’m salivating for more chapters.
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Jennifer A
Six chapters in the last week…glad that the writer’s block has lifted. Thank you for the escape your writing provides. Looking forward to what comes next!

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