Anna's POV

"Will you be my date tonight, Anna?" Tony questions me. I blink at him severally with different thoughts running through my mind.

I am still trying to get over my ex-boyfriend. I didn't wish to see him ever since he broke up with me and I haven't seen him. Now, I wish to see him, even if it is just once so I can ask him to give me a genuine reason for breaking up with me. 

I gave him all I had, my heart, body, and soul. I loved him wholeheartedly but all he did was break my heart into shreds. I am still trying to pick up the pieces of my broken heart and trying to fix them back in their position. I am hoping that one day, it will heal.

Hearing Tony asking me out on a date is bringing back the pain. It's been three months since Cameron broke up with me but it still feels like a day since it happened. This is because the hurt is still fresh in my heart. 

I don't know what to say to Tony. I don't want him to get the wrong idea of me. He already asked me to be his girlfriend but I rejected him. If I accept to go on this date, does it mean I am his girlfriend? I know I am not ready for another relationship. It is too early.

"Anna", Pam calls, jerking me out of my reverie. We are sitting in the school cafeteria and he asked me the question after we've had lunch.

I have been feeling unwell since I got to school this morning so I told Pam I am going to skip the rest of the classes after lunch.

"Alright, Tony." I finally give in. He beams in excitement and Pam claps her hands.

"But I'm still not your girlfriend", I state loudly to his hearing. His body is calm as I say that. He quickly replace the hurt on his face with a smile. 

"It's ok. We will take it slow."

"Alright", I stand up. Pam did the same as I flung my schoolbag to her shoulder, ready to go home. I am beginning to feel dizzy again just like I felt earlier this morning before my first class and I wonder why.

"We will get going, Tony. Thanks for lunch." Pam appreciates him.

"My pleasure", he replies with a wide grin. He is really happy and excited about tonight.

"Bye, Tony", I wave at him and walk towards the exit with Pam.

"Alright, Anna. I will come to pick you up when it's time", He shouts after us.

I look back and nod at him with a sweet smile.

"I'm going to skip class too," Pam mutters as we are walking towards the campus gate. I intend to go get a cab.

"You don't need to", I object.

"I'll take you home", she insists.

I smile at my friend in gratitude. Since I started feeling feverish and dizzy, I was thinking it is because of the exercise routine I just commenced after three months. I stopped exercising after the breakup and I just picked the habit up again the day before. 

"Someone is going out on a date. Someone is going to be someone's girlfriend", Pam sings.

"Pam, it's just a date. Besides, it's too soon, I'm not ready. It's just three months...."

"Is three months not enough to cry over spilled milk?" She questions with a wide eye.

"I feel it's too soon."

"Relax babe, just go along with the flow and see how it turns out. I want you to enjoy tonight. The last time you had fun was three months ago, remember?"

"That was a disaster," I tell her, remembering what happened and the sex between me and the stranger.

"Disaster indeed." Pam laughs. "Because you got banged."

"Stop it already please", I beg her to stop teasing. I am uncomfortable whenever she talks about it.

"I wonder why you don't like talking about that night", she states.

"Because I am not proud of it", I admit.

"What?" Pamela snickers as she brings out her car keys from her bag and dangles them. "You are not proud of something as amazing as you getting laid on the second day after your break up? It's something to be proud of, if you are not proud of it, well I am super proud of you, baby girl."


"Whatever", Pamela rolls her eyes at me. 

We both laugh. We get to the parking lot and find our way to Pamela's car.

"Tony will be really happy if you accept him, you know?"

"Shut up and let's go", I snap at her. A wave of dizziness sweeps through me again and I almost stumbled to the ground but I grip the car handle. I hold it firmly and close my eyes. When I open it, Pam is already inside the car and looking at me carefully.

"What is it, Anna?"

I want to reply but no word is coming out. The moment I close my eyes again, I find myself falling to the ground and losing consciousness.


When I wake up, I feel someone's grip on her hand. It is Pamela. Pamela is sitting beside the bed looking at me in pity. When she noticed my opened eyes, she sits upright.

"Anna", she calls.

"My daughter", another voice says. This is when I discovered my mother is on the other side of my bed. I turn slowly to meet the green eyes of my mother. I am the exact replica of her except for my hair which is auburn.

"Mom?" I call softly.

"You scared us", she hugs me briefly on the bed. When she pulls away, I can see how teary she is.

My mother is a strict but emotional woman. Ever since my father died, she has been working her ass off to put food on the table and to make sure I go to school.

"What happened, mom?" I demand with curiosity.

"You lost consciousness", she informs me.

I nod as I recall what happened. I turn to face Pamela. She smiles at me and touches my hand again. 

"I was damn scared."

"What did the doctor say? I'm still feeling feverish", I ignore her comment and grimace in pain.

"He carried out a test on you but he is yet to tell us what it is", Pamela answers.

"I hope it's nothing serious. I can't afford to lose you", she pecks my forehead.

"I'll be fine, mom," I assure her.

We fall silent and I watch mom, hoping all is well with me. I know my mother will be heartbroken if it turns out to be a life-threatening disease. I am yet to figure out what it can be when someone enters. It is the doctor.

"Doctor", my mother stands up abruptly.

"You are awake", the doctor beams at me. I nod in reply. "Good."

"I hope all is well?" My mother asks the doctor who is still smiling.

"It's good news", he grins widely. Pamela and I shared a look. My mother is still looking at the doctor in anticipation. The smile on the doctor's face is evident enough that it isn't something bad, even before he said it is good news I wondered what the good news is.

"Your daughter is 3 months pregnant. Congratulations ma", the doctor announced.

What?" We all exclaimed in shock.

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