Anna's POV

I wake up the next morning and rush to take my bath. I have an 8:00 am class. It is already 7:30 a.m by the time I am out of the bathroom. 

I get a hold of the first piece of clothing my hand came in contact with from my closet and wear it. I don't have time to make up so I dash out of my room, hoping to get a cab on time.

I see a tray of food right outside the door. I smile. I know it is my mother's handwork. I picked it up and realize she dropped it there the night before. I take it to the kitchen before walking to the living room. I don't have the intention of bidding her goodbye, I am still a bit angry with her.

When I get to the living room, I see her talking with Pamela. They are whispering. They stop when they notice my presence. Pam bade my mother goodbye and we go out of the house.

"What's with you and your mother?" She asks as we get to the car.

I shrug. "What was she telling you?"




We remain silent till we get to school. I know Pamela has a lot to talk to me about but the news we heard yesterday is still strange to her the same way it is to me. 

When we get into the school premises, Pamela parks the car and we get out. 

We walk fast towards the lecture hall because we have just a few minutes to the start of our first class for the day. 

Before I can step into the lecture, my eyes interlock with Tony's and he quickly looks away.

I looked away too and entered the hall for my first class that morning.


"You didn't go out with Tony last night as intended, right?" Pamela demands from me as we find our way to the parking lot around 3 pm. We are done with the lecture for the day. 


"I saw the way he was....."

"Ignored me?"

"Yes." She answers. "That's so bad of him."

"Don't mind the idiot."

"Did you tell him what happened?" She asks with curiosity.

"He was ranting about how he had told his friends that I was coming and how disappointed they would all be if I didn't come. He didn't even care to know why I said I won't come again before he began to say that trash."

"What about when you told him?"

"I only told him I am sick. Maybe he thinks I am lying since I look healthy today."

Pamela heaves a sigh of relief. "I thought you told him you are pregnant", she whispers.

"No", I respond sharply. "Why will I do that?"

"I saw how he was stealing glances at you in class like he knows something...."

"I only told him I collapsed and was rushed to the hospital."

She exhales deeply. I know she likes Tony and she wants me to date him but funny enough, I don't even feel attracted to him, until the day he asked me out on a date. I found out he is a really cool guy but here he is ruining everything again.

I doubt if I will ever love a man the way I loved Cameron. Thinking about Cameron, I wonder how he will feel when he gets to know I am pregnant and my baby has no father. I just pray our paths don't ever cross again. I don't wish to see him again, especially not now that I am pregnant with a stranger's baby.

"Let's go home. I don't want you to collapse like you did yesterday", she smiles at me. 

We haven't talked about the pregnancy and I know we are supposed to but I am not ready to talk to anyone about it. 

My body keeps denying the fact that I am pregnant. Ever since the doctor announced the news, my fever had vanished and it is as if I was never sick. I feel stronger than ever before. I no longer feel dizzy and my temperature is no longer high.

"Don't worry, I won't." I smile back.

"Do you want to talk about it?" My thoughts are right. She wants us to talk about the pregnancy. I smile sadly and shake my head before hopping into her car.

It is a yellow BMW×5 and I always enjoy the ride with Pamela. She is neither a fast driver nor is she a slow driver. 

Her father owns a telecommunications firm while her mother works in the White House. I have no idea what the woman does in there and Pamela doesn't like talking about her mom and what she does. But she is damn proud of her father and his achievements. Pamela is the apple of his eyes.

We ride in silence. I know Pamela is very understanding and she will never be mad at me for not wanting to talk about the pregnancy. Her silence means she is giving me the space and time that I need to admit and adjust myself to the new growth inside of me before I finally talk about it.

When she pulls over in our driveway, she says. "Don't hesitate to call me whenever you need me, I will always be here for you. And please talk to your mother already, she feels bad about slapping you...."

"She told you that?" My eyes are wide.


I feel embarrassed that mom told Pamela that she slapped me.

"See you tomorrow, love", she hugged me.

"Alright, you too." I return the hug and get out of the car. I wave and watch her drive away. I sigh deeply and turn back to go to the house. I know mom will be at work and I will be home alone till 5 pm when mom will be back.

When I enter the house, my stomach rumbles when the aroma of something hits my nostril. I realize I haven't eaten anything since morning. I feel the presence of someone in the kitchen and I know it is mom.

Why is she home by this time of the day?

"Anna, is that you?" I stand by the door, thinking of how to act in her presence. 

Things have changed between us. I am no longer the little baby she treats me as, I am about to become a mother too and make my mother a granny. 

I am admitting the truth to myself and it is embarrassing. When mom appears from the kitchen with an apron, tears begin to wash down my face. She rushes to me and I break down in her arms, completely.

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Is she in college or high school? I was thinking college since they were at a club…. But she talks about school like she’s younger.
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Paula Williams-Paulton
Kind of hard to interpret what is being said, grammar wise. Interesting story tho
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Barbara Brathwaite
poor lady what's she going to do now

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