Tessa's POV

Sex with Aidan is always amazing, I can't get enough of him. It is a week now since we had sex in his office and I am anticipating more of that office romance. 

I grin to myself as I drive into the company.

I have my plans and I am working towards them. If my plans work, Aidan will be mine forever. This is my dream.

I am dressed in a brown straight skirt with a white blouse. My stiletto heels are black and my handbag is light brown, matching my skirt. I walk in elegantly after parking my car in the driveway. I know Aidan will be in, he is a workaholic.

The night Aidan and I met, we didn't know each other but he looked familiar to me. I took a picture of his handsome face while he was sleeping before leaving for home the next day after a long night of sex. 

My mom sees his picture on my phone and she recognizes him. His father and my father used to be business partners and I know that will work in my favor. Aidan doesn't know this and I am not willing to let him know until the time is ripe for him to be aware.

I plan to get him hooked by getting pregnant for him. This is the goal and I will achieve that soon. 

I smiled politely at the receptionist, I am befriending her because of my plan. I get information from her and pay her monthly. 

For the past three months since Aidan and I met, I have been paying her even when she didn't provide any information.

I don't want her to delay me with any questions so I walk along towards the elevator.

I stop in my tracks when I see the older version of Aidan. He is shaking hands with another elderly man. They were standing close to the elevator. My first intention is to greet him to make my presence known but I thought otherwise after a moment of thought. There is no way I can go into the elevator without him seeing me. We know each other.

I turn to the other side to take a look at the staircase, calculating how much time it will take to get to Aidan's office. I know his father is here to see him and I need to do something. He needs to see us together.

Without thinking further, I race for the staircase. Aidan's office is on the second floor and I run with all my strength, glad that no one is around to see my running figure. I will be so embarrassed if someone sees me right now running.

A few minutes later, I get to the office and begin to breathe heavily like someone who just did a marathon. Without waiting any more seconds, I burst in, happy that Chloe isn't in her post today.

Aidan looks up to see me.

"Tessa?" He calls in surprise. I am sure he isn't expecting me. He should get used to having me around at the least expected moments. But I know I always appear at the right time, whenever he needs a woman to get laid with.

I grin, still breathing heavily. I walk to his desk and sit on his lap. I know he is going to ask me why I am in his office sweating all over. I know he is also going to scold me so I did the only thing that will stop him from saying anything. I kiss him. This is why I am here anyway.

I feel his hardness against my butts and I become excited. My hands begin to roam his body, trailing his biceps and lovely muscular hands. I move my mouth to his earlobe and bite it softly, before trailing kisses all over his face and neck region.

"Tessa?" He groans, shutting his eyes. He opens them when I stop kissing him. We are staring at each other. I love everything about him and I want to make him mine. I want to pin him down with something that will make him mine forever. And I am ready to make that work. I am ready to give it all it takes to get married to Aidan because he is my Prince charming and knight in shining armor. He is the one I have been waiting for all my life.

When Alex left me, I thought I would never meet someone I will love from the depth of my heart like him but I was wrong. Here I am, watching the one man that makes my heart beat nonstop in my ribcage. 

Going to parties has been a usual thing for me ever since Alex left, not until I met Aidan. His stares alone get my legs wobbling beneath like a jellyfish. His touch alone set my heart ablaze and his kisses lit up the dark side of my life. How can I let him go?

I know he doesn't love me the way I love him but I will make him love me very soon. I know all Aidan wanted was a one-night stand but I want all nights with him, I want to have him, taste him, feel him all the days of my life.

This is my one wish and I will do all it takes to make it come true.

I bent my head down to take his lips again but he moves his mouth away and my kiss lands on his cheeks. I throw him a cold glare.

"What are you doing here this early?" He asks in a husky voice. I smile inwardly. His voice is full of desire for me. I know he is in the mood already. I am sitting on his lap with my two legs apart. His hardness is already touching a sensitive part of my body. 

"I missed you, that's why I am here", I reply with a sweet smile.

"You know I don't joke with my work. You should always call before coming here", he isn't sounding harsh with his scolding and I like that. It is so unlike him. My Aidan is a harsh type. I guess his arousal isn't making him think well.

"You should get going, I have loads of work to do'', he tries to push me off but I ain't budging. He gazes at me and I kiss him again. I hear the door open and I pretended not to be aware.

I am sure it is his father and that is what I want. I want his father to see us together, it will ease my plan.

We hear a clap and I get up from his laps in a hurry. I arrange my disheveled hair before turning to look at him. Aidan is just sitting down without moving an inch and looking at his father with an uncaring look.

"Tessa?" He calls when he sees me. I know he is surprised to see me with his son.

"Mr. Tristan'', I greet with a polite smile. "Sorry about that, sir." I pick my bag and move towards the exit where he is still standing.

"I never knew you and Aidan know each other", he utters to my relief.

"Yes sir, we do know each other", I smile at him shyly. He nods with a smirk. He looks handsome just like his son and I wonder why I didn't notice the resemblance when I first saw Aidan.

"I'll get going, sir."

"Bye, dear. My regards to your father", he pats my shoulder.

"Yes sir", I turn to look at Aidan. "Bye, love", I wink at him before taking the exit.

Plan A has worked well, time to move to plan B, I thought to myself with a smirk.

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nice story
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Of course this is more than a Triangle, It's a Quadrangle. Him & her; They & Them. Modern day Woodstock

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