Anna's POV

"Tessa Rodrigue has been sentenced to life imprisonment for the kidnap of the Billionaire's daughter, Lily Elizabeth Alvarez", the reporter states, and I heave a deep sigh. I feel a touch and I know instantly that it is Aidan.

"What are you thinking about?" He asks me after pecking my lips. He pulls me closer and puts off the television with the control. I am sitting in between his legs with his back on the headboard.

"Nothing", I whisper. I have just finished taking a bath and Aidan is also coming out of the bathroom. We have plans of going on a tour today. We are on a vacation to Paris and we are going to begin our tour today. 

We have been indoors for two days now, doing nothing other than playing games, cuddling in each other's arms, and having sex. Sex with Aidan is amazing and I love every moment of it. I love my life now and I am hoping it will last forever.

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Pamela Neese
Really sweet!
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Janet Rigby
good romance story with plenty of twists .
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Rose SB
Wait! Is this the end of the story…if this is the ending, it seems rushed.
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