Act 1: Queen's Rook - Chapter 3


Well, that went down as smoothly as a razor on dry skin. As usual, these surly old men cannot get it through their heads that I am the leader of my family and would only speak to Nico. My brother-in-law made them listen to me and I am eternally thankful for it, but I know that he loved doing it. I trust Nico as far as I can throw him, and that is not very far.

This is like a knife twisting in my side, knowing that these men would rather listen to someone like Nico instead of me. After our argument before the meeting, I didn’t expect Nico to jump to my defence, but I am sure there was a reason for his help.

Damn it, can’t I just catch a break?

“Honey,” I hear the familiar voice of my friend, Bamba. She’s Daniella’s minder who has come to be a close confidante of mine, it helps that she’s not a part of this life. She knows what I do, though, and will give me the honest truth when I need it and even if it hurts like a bitch. I wrap my arms around her and breathe out a sigh.

“I hate men,” I complain and smile when I feel her chuckle. “That’s not true at all, I recall you liking a very specific Greek God with rippling muscles and tanned skin,” she says, pushing me out of her arms and comically fanning herself; I couldn’t help but laugh at this. “Hm, so lickable.”

I slap her wrist. “Behave!” I exclaim, shaking my head at her dreamy expression. “You need to set me up with one of your friends. I want one with lots of tattoos, big muscles and a big-”

“Bamba!” I cry out, shaking my head as I double over with laughter. “I can’t take you anywhere!”

She shrugs. “Good thing we’re home, then and I was going to say big bank account, you think the worst of me!” She huffs with a mock hurt expression and walks off towards her room. I love her so much. She’s the only thing keeping me grounded in a normal life besides my Daniella.

I exhale and trudge up the stairs with the hopes of at least finding some peace in sleep. These last few months have been stressful to say the least, and now I am getting into arguments with mafia leaders and my own family. Things just don’t seem to run smoothly when it comes to my rule and I can’t help but wonder who is lighting the flame of insurrection amongst my men.

As I close the door to my room, an arm snakes around my waist and I am held tight against a hard chest. I can’t stop the small smile that spreads across my face when I catch his familiar woodsy scent. “Hmm, finally I have you to myself,” he whispers in a husky voice interweaved with desire. I chuckle and shake my head.

“You should know better than to hide out in my room like this, Christian. What will people think of me?”

He nibbles at my neck, scraping his beard against my already sensitive skin, and breathes out a sigh. “Let them think what they want, they would be wrong anyway,” he says with a hint of disappointment in his tone and lets go of me. I turn around to face him and, as usual, my heart races at the sight of him.

Christian Drakos, Greek mafia head and as deadly as they come. He’s tall, so tall that I have to peer up to look at him, but I never regret it when I do; he’s beautiful. Tanned skin because he’s constantly in the sun, full lips with a slightly heavy bottom. Green eyes so light they look gray and wavy black hair that swept his shoulders and his body… Gosh.

The embodiment of a Greek God.

“Don’t sulk like that, it’s very unbecoming of a mafia leader,” I quip and close the distance between us, placing my hand on his well-defined chest. Christian only gives me a wistful smile and picks up my hand, brushing my fingertips with his lips. “I only reserve this face for you and you know the reason why I look like this every time I see you.” He answers.

The hurt in his voice is palpable, and I can understand why. It has been two years of this game between the two of us and we haven’t even gone as far as a kiss. To say that I felt nothing for him would be a lie - I want him as well, but the guilt overpowers everything else. I realize I have been stringing him along all this time, but kissing another man felt like I was cheating on Dante… Even if he is long dead.

I reach up and touch his face, brushing his rugged, stubbled cheek and sighing as he leans into it. “Sienna,” he breathes out my name with closed eyes and when he opens them again, I see nothing but affection. “I am yours and will always be waiting here for you when you are ready to receive me.” He adds, his words tugging at my heartstrings yet again. I let go of his cheek and wrap my arms around him, breathing him in. His scent always calmed me down, especially after a meeting with those testosterone-fueled gangsters.

“I am sorry for doing this to you, Christian. It is not fair to you at all.” I say, then I peer up into his gorgeous eyes. “I won’t hold it against you if you leave now and never return because I only want you to be happy-”

Christian puts a finger to my lips and shakes his head. “My happiness lies with you and only you, Sienna.” He says with promise and plants a kiss on my forehead. These were always my favourite type of kisses with Dante, and I know that I will have to let him go soon. It has been ten years; I need to open my heart again, and I am certain he would not want me to mourn him forever.

So with that set in my mind, I stand on tip toe and draw my face closer to Christian’s closing my eyes when our lips finally meet.

The last time I kissed a man was when I showed off my Dragonetti tattoo to my family. Dante had been so proud of it and spun me around before kissing me passionately in front of his brothers. It was a kiss filled with love and pride.

This kiss with Christian was one seeped in desire. He runs his hands over my body as he claims my mouth with rough abandon, groaning as he presses me up against the wall. My body comes alive under his touch, feeling much more sensitive than before, and when he places a hand on my lower back, I let out an unrestrained moan. I know if we keep this up, I will allow him to take me and right now, it is the only thing on my mind.

But suddenly Christian pulls away and breaks off our kiss. He cups my face in his rough palms and offers me a soft smile while trying to regain his breathing. Then he brings his forehead to mine with closed eyes and exhales.

“That was even better than I imagined it would be, but I fear if I did not stop, then I undoubtedly would have claimed every inch of you.” He says, pulling his head away and smiling. “But not like this, not while you’re still worked up from the failed meeting this evening.”

I peer up into his eyes, acknowledging that even though his desire is clear, he would still rather have respect for me. And that desire was currently pressed right against my thigh - a very massive desire.

Laying my head on his chest, I finally allow myself to relax and close my eyes. “Thank you, Christian. I don’t deserve a man like you,” I say and hear his throaty chuckle as he holds me close. “You deserve everything and more, my queen and I will be patient enough to wait,” he whispers, kissing my hair.

“Will you be spending the night?” I ask, referring to his quarters down the hall from me, and he nods. “I would like to stay for three days, if you don’t mind? There are a few things I need to sort out before I leave.” He answers.

I look up at him, feeling the warmth blooming in my chest. “I would like that very much,” I say, knowing that I will need to take this step and stop living in the past. Dante was a love of a lifetime, but he was gone now.

It’s time for me to move on.

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