Act 2: Maróczy Bind - Chapter 2


“I promise I’m fine, Sienna; there’s absolutely no reason to worry about me.”

Christian has been complaining non-stop since we left the hospital. Apparently, I’m being too soft with him, like he didn’t just take a bullet that miraculously missed his vital organs.

“I’ll stop worrying when you’re not clutching your side whenever you sit down. Now shut up and let me tend to you,” I say while adjusting the pillow behind him. He’s currently recovering in my villa; Marla okayed it with me and told him he needs to take it easy until the threat has been diffused.

You try telling that to a hardened mafia leader.

It’s been three days since Christian was released from the hospital, and I’m finding that I don’t even have to pretend with my affection for him. I do fear that if we had to kiss again, it would lead to something else, so I’m keeping him sort of at arm’s length for now.

He looks at me with a soft smile playing on his lips. “You’re spoiling me; I don’t want to get used to th
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