Act 2: Maróczy Bind - Chapter 4


“New York? You’re going back to New York after all this time? Why??” Christian asks me when I eventually start telling him of my plans. We are seated next to one another on a plush L-shaped couch in the sunroom.

I shrug. “I need all the allies I can get right now, Christian and my allies in New York are as important to me as the ones here. I cannot pass on this opportunity.” I say as I take a sip of my sweet tea.

Christian looks as if he wants to add something else, but he simply sighs and looks at me, exasperated.

“If you feel that it is necessary, then I will not stop you. But any sign of danger, any at all, you need to call me and let me know.” He says and reaches over to take my hand while giving me a strained smile.

I still don’t understand why he feels so strongly about me when it feels like Dante has completely ruined me for other men.

“Christian,” I start, “What exactly is it about me that attracts you? Clearly, I still have a lot of personal issues I am dealing wi
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Just hope Christian is indeed true to his intention ...

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