Act 3: Queen's Gambit - Chapter 1


The estate is as beautiful as my own back home, but I decide not to dwell on pleasantries right now. I have an ally to face, and I hope to God he will still keep true to his promise.

He’s expecting me, this I know by the Bratva warriors leading Serena and me inside, but I can’t help this uneasy feeling gripping my heart. I’ve never met this man before, but I have heard of his infamy.

This family has suffered betrayal, but then again, don’t all mafia families?

A warrior opens the door leading to his study, and as soon as I lay my eyes on the old Pakhan, I know that my accord with his still stands. He gets up from his office chair and walks around to greet me, his clouded blue eyes twinkling with curiosity.

“Sienna,” Aleks Kuznetsov says with a smile, gripping my shoulder with his hands. “You are as lovely as ever. How have you been?”

I offer him a smile. “Thank you, Aleks, I’ve been as well as can be expected, I suppose,” I say as he leads us over to his desk. “I suppose yo
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