Act 9: King's Gambit - Chapter 4


It’s late evening, and Dante’s scent teases me when I amble into our shared walk-in closet; a shiver shoots up my spine, causing goosebumps to pucker all over my skin. As much as I hated to admit it, Dante still had the same effect on me as he did back when we lived in New York.

Slipping on a silk camisole and shorts, I sigh as everything hits me at the same time, and I leave the walk-in and head straight to sit back on the bed.

I thought that my feelings for him had died; I thought that I had replaced him with Christian, but the truth is that Christian was simply a scab forming over an old wound in my heart. And once that scab fell off, what would have been left of me? What would have been left of Christian?

Those scars on Dante’s back sort of brought me down to earth, and I remembered that he wasn’t just this monster who kidnapped me. He went through literal hell at the hands of Allessio Speranzini, and somehow I still blamed him for almost killing me.

I blamed him for doing
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