Act 9: King's Gambit - Chapter 5


That wasn’t supposed to happen; that wasn’t supposed to fucking happen!

I slam my fist against the tiled shower wall and let out a frustrated growl when I see blood against the ruined tiles. How did we go from arguing to fucking? There was nothing intimate about what we just did, nothing at all, just a raw, primal need for me to claim what’s mine.

But Sienna is not mine, not anymore.

She’s only here because of the hit on her life, anyway. But then a-fucking-gain, why do I even care that she has a hit out on her? She wanted to be stupid and step back onto Italian soil, so she should face the consequences.

Fuck, I need to get out of here for a few days to clear my head.

I’m about to turn the taps and get out when I feel Sienna’s arms wrap around my waist. She’s naked against my body, and I can feel every dip and curve of her against me. I breathe out a sigh, then she kisses the scars on my back, and I lean my head back.

“What are you doing, Sienna?” I ask, fighting the comfortabl
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