Epilogue: End Game - Chapter 1


I feel like an idiot. Not only does Dante not truly want me, but I’m a product of an affair my mother had years ago. A mafia bastard; not a true Vincenzo, and the fact alone makes me hate myself even more.

No wonder my mother never cared for my father’s infidelities; she had been unfaithful right at the start of her marriage. Did my father know about it? No, if he did, then I would have been killed a long time ago along with my mother.

I sigh and sit up in bed; it’s been three weeks, and Dante hasn’t been back into this room. After he told me about everything, he took it upon himself to turn into a ghost, and we haven’t seen one another since.

Dario told me that the day Dante ‘kidnapped’ me, there was a sniper stationed at the cemetery, but they took care of him before he could fire his rifle.

All this time, I thought he came for me because he wanted me, or he still loved me when in fact, I’m simply here for my own safety. But even so, why am I here? Why try to keep me safe if
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Alexandra A
When is the next update?
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Deanna Bates
Dante is an idiot and I hope Sienna doesn’t do anything reckless

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