Epilogue: End Game - Chapter 2


“Find her!”

Fuck, fuck fuck! What just happened? It’s well after nine; why the fuck was Sienna not in bed? I pace the floor and drag my hands through my hair in frustration; there’s no way she could have gotten far, not with the men after her.

A few seconds later, I hear the gate to the villa crashing open, and when I rush out to see what the fuck is happening, I see an SUV speeding away. Dario comes running towards me, with a concerned look on his face, and he hands me his cell phone.

“She took my SUV,” he says, and I can see the little blip that is Sienna rushing to what I assume to be her cottage off the coast. I hand my little brother his cellphone back and give him a nod of thanks before deciding to follow Sienna.

Why did she even run out like that? I thought we were through, I thought this is what she wanted! So why did she look so fucking shattered when she saw what I was doing with another woman?

“Fuck, Sienna,” I growl while looking at the GPS and seeing Dario’s SUV co
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