Chapter 10

To help Maya recover her memories and her wolf, Ashton had to look for the witch who cursed her.

Maya was his life savior and he could never let her suffer for even a second.

Although he too had the power to make Maya remember everything, he was too afraid to take the risk.

He did not want Maya to hate him because he didn't know how she would take the news.

The only thing he could rely on was the person who was involved from the start back then.

Although it has been next to impossible to find him, from the little clues he got, he has finally found the man.

When his mother was pregnant, it was revealed that he will be born under an abnormal moon and that would affect his life and his wolf.

As the future Alpha of the ash band pack, they had to do everything to ensure that he is born and grow up normally.

He was to be born with a rare condition in the wolf bloodline which was a threat to his life.

His mother had an option of ending his life before he was born or they were to find
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