Chapter 4


I am not dreaming, right? I saw a werewolf! Oh my! How nice it is to see a werewolf! I’ve been dreaming of seeing one.


I came back to my senses when Elina called me. I didn’t realize that I had stayed outside the main house and she had gone inside already. I looked at her and smiled a little.

“Are you okay? Are you feeling sick? Maybe you should rest a little more,” she worriedly said. I shook my head.

“No, no. It’s just that something caught my attention. I didn’t realize that I had stayed here for a while already,” I answered.

She then looked in the direction I was looking. But then I held her arm and pulled her inside. When we reached the dining area, their servants had already served the food.

We sat down and started eating. Her son didn’t eat with us, maybe because he didn’t want my presence.

“What caught your attention, Selene?” Elina suddenly asked.

I firmed my lips and sipped some water from my glass.

“I think you wouldn’t believe me,”

Her eyebrows raised.

“Hmm, I think I will believe you. So tell me,”

I breathe deeply first. Should I tell her? But she won’t let me eat in peace if I don't.

“I think I saw a werewolf,” I mumbled.

And then I heard the dropping of her spoon. She was so shocked by what I told her. See, she won’t believe me. Maybe she will think that I am already crazy.

The servant picked up Elina’s spoon and gave her another one.

I sighed and talked, “I told you. You won’t believe me,”

She shook her head. Was she disagreeing or agreeing?

“No, Selene, I believe you. But please do not mind them, okay? They are dangerous,” she said and ate again.

Are they dangerous? Why does she know the werewolf? Did she have an interaction with a werewolf? But I didn’t ask anymore because she looked like she didn’t want to be questioned. I ate my food also, their food here is good. I feel like I am eating in a high-class restaurant.

We ended our dinner quietly because Elina didn’t talk to me anymore. I do not know if I did something wrong, but it’s not my attitude to pester someone about something, especially since I barely know her. She’s just a kind woman who helped me and let me stay in her humble home for a while.

If I just have my phone, maybe I can contact Jasper and tell him what happened to me. He must be worried that my stepmother suddenly announced that I was dead when in fact, I would be meeting him that night.

Elina went to her room already, she bid me good night at least. I also went to my room that they gave me but I really can’t sleep. So here I am in their garden looking at the glowing moon from above. While holding my warm cup of milk.

Anxiety was all over me, the thought of me being beaten, the happenings in the past few weeks keep me hunting and I always wake up in the middle of the night like someone is going to beat me again.

Maybe if I can go back to my previous life already after claiming what is mine, I can have a schedule with a psychiatrist so that this won’t hunt me. It affects me big time and the best thing I need to do is to focus on myself even more because I only have me.

After a few hours of staying outside under the night sky, I felt sleepy already and entered the house. I was about to go upstairs when the main door opened and a man entered.


Our eyes met but he immediately looked away and breathed deeply. He walked faster and passed me by not minding my presence. I wonder why he is mad at me? I didn’t do anything wrong to him but then I am attracted to him. Yes, I am.

I sighed when I heard the door of his room close loudly. How do I get him to like me? Like me as a human not as an enemy. He looks at me like I will bring danger to his life.

Anyway, I was really sleepy so I went to my room and let myself fall into a deep sleep.



I was pacing back and forth inside my room. I left Selene in the dining room after finishing my dinner. My dear, she saw a wolf! Who shifted? We told everyone to be careful yet she still saw one.

Valen will be mad about this, I need to tell my son about this but then he’s not yet home and Selene. I heard she went outside. That woman is brave. She’s not afraid.

But then the mere fact that she saw one of us, it means that she can be in danger or we will be in our danger. Our pack. There was a rule that no human should know about existence unless she or he is their mate.

Humans who would know our existence should be killed. Because it will bring danger to us and we can’t risk that. Our ancestors protected our existence for a thousand years already, we can’t let them down.

It was already past midnight when I heard Selene enter the house and at the same time Ashton went home. I opened my door slightly and looked at the both of them who were at the end of the staircase.

There is something about them, something about how they look at each other. It screams a deep feeling. What is this? Is my son attracted to Selene? Ashton was the first one to look away immediately. I closed my door when he walked upstairs already.

I’ll just knock on his room when Selene goes into her room. We should help Selene get what she needs so that she won’t stay with us for a long time anymore. I do not want her to be in danger. I already like her and actually love her because I do not have a daughter.

If my son just could find his mate then I can have a daughter but Selene she’s an epitome of a great woman, who is also selfless. I admire her, the way she was taught on how to act on such things, it screams elegance.

A few moments later Selene was in her room already and I silently went out. I knocked on my son’s door and he welcomed me with an irritable face. I raised my eyebrow because of the attitude he is showing me. This boy, he might be an alpha already but I am her mother. He opened the door widely, letting me enter.

“What is it mom? I want to rest already?” he asked irritably.

“She saw,” I said directly. No need to blabber things about. The alpha needs to know.

He then stopped going around his closet and looked at me.

“What?!” he asked loudly.

I glared at him because he might be heard!

“Quiet!” I calmly said.

He threw his towel on the laundry bag angrily and sat on his bed. Now he’s angry.

“I told you mom! She can’t stay here with us! We can be in danger because of her!” he firmly said. Suppressing his anger.

I nodded.

“I know son, that’s why I need you to help her, we need to help her. I do not want her to go back to her world without anything,” I answered.

“I will just give her money!”

I shook my head. No she needs to get her father’s will back because I believe that it is rightfully hers. And I will be happy to know that she will be living the life she deserves. The life that her parents worked hard for her. To handle their own company and continue her parents legacy.

“No, no, no Valen! It won’t be like that, you will do everything to find that will and help her get back their company, it belongs to her, she is the rightful owner of that!”

He then stood up and messed up his hair. My son is really good at controlling his anger. Thank the moon goddess!

“But mom, what if the company is not hers? Then what? What will happen to her? Will she stay here for the rest of her life?”

“No, it belongs to her! You have your own company, you know how this works!”

“Yes mom, I have my own company but I do not know how their company works! What if her father didn’t really have a will or if in the will it is indicated that her step mom will be the one to inherit it, then what?”

And now we are arguing, really. Huh. This son of mine, I know that he cares for our existence. He’s been a really great Alpha everyone adores him. Maybe he likes Selene hmm? He’s acting like he can’t stand the presence of Selene because something might happen to him? I smirked.

“What mom?” he hissed.

“Nothing! Still we will help her, if the company is not hers then I will decide but I will keep her with me,”

“And how about the pack? Our people? How will they shift? They need to run! And the next full moon is already coming!”

I looked at him angrily already. All I heard from him was excuses!

“Then it’s better that you move your ass and find the will! Help her!” I shouted already and walked toward his door.

Before I went out I looked at him again.

“And tell the pack to shift to the later part of the forest so that Selene won’t see anything!” I said and closed his door loudly.

That boy! Really. Valen Ashton Craige. I didn’t go back to my room anymore and was about to go downstairs when I heard a shout from Selene’s room. I immediately ran and opened her door.

Only to find her sleeping but shouting and screaming.

‘No! Don’t touch me!’

I immediately went to her side and started to wake her up but she’s not responding to me. I heard another footstep coming and when I looked at the door I saw Ashton. Worriedness was evident in his eyes when he heard Selene scream again.

‘Please no, I’m begging!’

But then he saw me looking at him and he looked away. I didn’t mind it anymore and hugged Selene wishing for her to be awake already.

“Selene, selene,” I called her. She’s not waking up, she's still having a nightmare.

So I made my voice louder and shook her already. My heart is breaking seeing her crying and screaming. Maybe she’s dreaming of the night that the group of boys abused her.

Finally, she opened her eyes. She’s looking at me, lost. Maybe she’s wondering what I am doing in front of her.

“Selene,” I muttered and hugged her tight.

“It’s alright my dear, calm down. Let me hug you,”

She hugged me back and cried again. Maybe she remembers her dream. I asked a servant to bring some water.

“Aunt Elina,” she muttered.

“Hush now, my love,”

But then she held my hand tightly and clutched her chest.

“I— i ca—nt,”

“What?” I asked in panic!

“I — ca—n’t brea—the,” she said

“Valen! Come here, now!” I shouted loudly.

I heard footsteps running.

“Faster!” I said when he’s in the door of the room.

“What is it?” he asked.

“Let’s take her to the doctor, she can’t breathe. Faster!”

He immediately went towards us and carried Selene who’s about to lose consciousness already. She’s definitely having a hard time breathing and please the moon goddess. Keep Selene safe, she’s important to me and I guess to Ashton also.

“Move out of the way!” He commanded the servants with his alpha voice.

We were running to go to the clinic of our pack. The pack was awakened by the sudden happening. They must have heard Valen’s commanding voice.

They were looking at us as we ran towards the clinic. Their alpha was carrying a woman in his arms. This is the first time that he carried a woman, that he let a woman be so close to him.

Valen what is this, my son?

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