Valen Ashton

Chapter 5


I woke up with the smell of ethanol around me. The first thing that came in my mind was the question: what happened? I slept soundly yesterday night, so why did I wake up in one of the rooms of their clinic?

I looked around and saw no one. I slowly get up from bed and find my slippers. I looked at the clock on the wall and it said 9:30 in the morning. It’s already late for my usual waking time. I removed the oxygen tube on my nose and stood up. I rolled my IV stand as I walked.

I went to the bathroom and washed my face. Luckily the clinic’s bathroom is complete with essentials and they all look new. I wiped my face and sighed deeply. I am curious about what happened to me but then I can’t ask anyone yet.

I stayed in the bathroom for a while when I heard someone open the door. I didn’t go out yet and listened.

“Mom, she needs to leave!”

I know that voice. Ashton. He’s talking with Aunt Elina and he still wants me to leave.

“Why, because you like her already? I told you she won’t leave this place until she has everything back on her hands,”

I didn’t hear clearly what Aunt Elina said but I heard Ashton groan and sighed.

“You know what mom? Fine, I’ll do anything to find her father’s last will and she will leave us once everything is settled!” Ashton said with finality.

Aunt Elina laughed. I wonder why? Is there anything funny? I am still here inside the bathroom.

“My son is scared to fall in love, huh?” she said playfully, woah. Who does Asthon like?

I didn’t hear any voices any more but then a few moments later I heard a bang on the door.

“Where is the woman staying here?!” I heard Ashton shout.

Oh my, did they think that I would leave? I stood up from sitting on the bowl but then I lost my balance and fell on the floor. My IV stand fell with me.

“Ouch,” I murmured.

The bathroom door was forcefully opened and I saw Ashton looking for me. Worried was evident in his eyes but when he saw me it changed immediately. How the hell can he change his emotions suddenly. This man amazes me every time.

I felt my heart racing as I looked at him.

Aunt Elina was at his back, looking at me worried.

She tapped Ashton’s shoulder.

“Pick her up, Valen,” she said.

Ashton walked towards me and picked me up in a bridal style.

“I’ve been carrying you since evening huh?” he mumbled.

My forehead creased as I did not know what he was talking about. Aunt Elina was the one who pushed my IV stand and Ashton placed me on the bed. A doctor and a nurse were waiting for us already.

As I comfortably sat on my hospital bed, I looked at them.

“What happened?” I asked. But before Aunt Elina answered, Ashton excused himself. He didn’t look at me anymore and just went out of the room.

Aunt Elina went beside me and caressed my hair. The nurse took my vital signs and checked my IV. Aunt Elina nodded at the doctor. I then looked at him.

“Selene, you were brought here earlier because you’re having a dream and you can’t breathe well. That’s why when you wake you have oxygen. I had you check and the only diagnosis I have is that you are suffering from PTSD due to what happened to you when you were first brought here. I suggest that you take therapy so that we can take care of it already,” he said.

I formed my mouth in ‘O’ because I thought of having therapy once I got back in my own home, but I didn’t know that I would be diagnosed with PTSD. I want to overcome this, I do not want this to be a hindrance to my future success.

I nodded at him and looked at Aunt Elina. She nodded at me as well, encouraging me that everything will be okay.

“Okay, doc. I will have therapy. Thank you so much!” I mumbled. He nodded and left the room already.

Aunt Elina suddenly pulled me into a hug.

“I was so worried about you earlier, you were shouting and crying. Then you told me that you can’t breathe, luckily Valen was around and we were able to bring you here to the clinic,” she said while hugging me tightly.

“I’m sorry, Aunt Elina,” I whispered.

She cuddled me for a while, a much needed hug. I feel so safe and secure. I didn’t know that experiencing having a mom again would feel this way. It makes me emotional.

She fixed some food for me and talked with me until I finished eating. She even told me that she was about to cry earlier because she can’t stand seeing me hurt and she doesn’t really know what to do.

We talked for a while and after her endless stories she let me rest again as she will be going back to the main house to cook lunch for me. I sighed as she finally left. I'm on the edge of crying because the emotions that I am feeling, I am missing my mom and dad so much. Aunt Elina does really care so much about me.

Tears started dropping from my eyes but I immediately wiped it and I lay down again. Maybe I should just rest, sleep and fight once I am awake. Darkness consumes me and I am welcomed to the dream land.

I even dreamt that Ashton visited me and caressed my hair. He even said that I should not cry because it doesn’t make me pretty. How I wish that he really visited me. I do not want to wake up from this dream anymore.

“Selene,” it’s Ashton. I looked at him. Am I still dreaming?

“Hmm,” I mumbled.

“Nothing, go to sleep again. I’ll stay here with you,” he softly whispered and patted my head.

I closed my eyes once again and from that moment I do know that I am falling for someone who’s only good in my dreams. Who’s only talking to me in my dreams. Ashton please don’t make me fall.


“You’re awake,” I looked at Aunt Elina who’s fixing my food again.

I looked out the window and saw that it’s already dark. I helped myself to sit up from lying down when Aunt Elina held my arm.

“Let me help you,” she said softly and smiled. I sat down and she raised the hospital bed for me to be comfortable.

“You didn’t wake me at lunch?” I asked because I remembered that she will be cooking lunch for me. She pushed the rolling table full of food towards my bed.

“I didn’t wake you anymore, the doctor said I should let you rest and you have your IV so you won’t be hungry,” she answered.

I nodded and smiled at her because of all the efforts that she had done for me. I do not know how I can thank her enough. I started eating the food she made. The soup tasted delicious, as well as the rice! In fact, all of the food was so delicious.

“Eat with me,” I said after drinking the juice she also prepared.

She smiled and poured some water on another glass.

“I already ate with Valen,” she said. And that’s when I remember that he’s in my dream? Or he really did visit me.


“What is it? Are you okay?”

I nodded immediately.

“I just want to ask Aunt Elina if Valen visited me again after he left in the morning?” I asked while I was looking the other way.

I just need to ask. My heart started beating fast again. Saying his name sends butterflies to my tummy. She just stared at me, my face immediately reddened when I looked at her back. Valen Ashton was standing there. She then looks at where I am looking.

“Oh, son. What brought you here? Did you hear her question?” Aunt Elina said and held Valen’s arm.

Valen Ashton was looking at me, not wanting to break his eye contact with me. In my peripheral vision I saw Aunt Elina looking at me then back at Valen. I break eye contact with him and drink my juice again.

“Yes, I visited you and watched you sleep,” he said out of nowhere. To my shock I dropped the glass of juice and I started coughing.

“Oh my!” Aunt Elina exclaimed. She panics as she doesn’t know if she will fix the mess or be with me as I cough harder. But then Valen went to my side and patted my back.

I looked at him. Those eyes.

“Breath, Selene— Inhale, exhale,” he softly said.

I followed his instructions and my breathing calmed down. I smiled slightly at him and mumbled, “Thank you.”

He nodded and gave me water.

“What are you doing here son? You visited Selene huh? Really…”

Aunt Elina is teasing Valen, I can sense it. I lower down my face because I feel shy already.

“Stop it mom!”

“Then why did you visit Selene?”

And the moment Valen answered, it took my breath away. I don't know why I am feeling this way? Is it because I can finally have everything back? Or is it because I will be away from him even if he won’t look at me for a long time.

“I will be bringing Selene with me in the company once she’s okay, I may have a lead on the last will that belong to her,” he said.

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