Time to Say Goodbye

Chapter 8


I was busy packing my things already when I heard someone open the door, I looked at my back and saw Aunt Elina. I gave her a small smile and continued fixing my clothes into the luggage that Valen bought for me.

"Let me help," she softly said and started fixing my clothes also. I do not have many clothes here so one big piece of luggage is enough.

"You're not busy?" I asked.

She was very busy these past few days because she said that Valen's father will be home in two weeks' time and that she needed to prepare something. Sadly, I won't be able to meet her husband, Valen's father because I am set to leave the next day already.

"I'm already done with the things I needed to do. I want to enjoy the last few days with you," she answered.

Sadness invades my heart, I can't help the emotion that I am feeling. She's already my mom, and she really treated me like her own daughter because she didn't have one, she only had Valen.

"You know, you can visit me in my c

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