Dearest Selene

Chapter 12


“Are you okay?” Valen asked.

I looked at him. What is he doing here? I mean outside my office door, in my own company. I can’t answer him, I’m still shocked by what I’ve read and him being here. What the hell is happening?

“Why?” I stuttered asking.

He just looked at me and I realized our position. He’s still holding me by the waist. I immediately balanced myself to stand up. He also realized that he was still holding me and immediately let go of me when I balanced myself already.

What is this feeling? Just by looking at his eyes, I thought I was lost in another world full of different emotions. Butterflies in my stomach.

“You didn’t answer my question,” sternness was evident in his voice.

As always. What should I expect from Valen Ashton Craig, right? I rolled my eyes as he was just looking at me. I saw his eyebrow rise but his face immediately went back to just looking at me without any emotions.

“I am okay, I guess,” I softly whispered.

“I know what it i
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