Back at the Paradise

Chapter 13


I woke up at the sound of birds chirping. I looked around and saw that this is not my room in my house but my room at the mansion of Valen.

Am I really here? I am back at this comfortable place after three months. Valen said that I could find answers here to know who I really am. I am scared because why is this happening to me? I just want to enjoy my life, to create a future for me that I will thank myself one day.

I stood up and looked at the window to see the trees dancing with the wind. The comfort that place is giving me is something that I can’t find in the City of Bloom. I took a deep breath and opened the windows. Wind splashed on my face.


Can I call this my home? I hugged myself as the wind started to get cold. I closed my eyes to feel it and think of the things happening right now. The other day, I enjoyed fixing the company, attending meetings, and listening to their suggestions. Now, I am here thinking of myself, who I really am? Where do I re
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