Chapter 16


“What are you doing here?” was the first thing I asked him when I saw him sitting in the lounge of my condominium. And he is talking to what? The agent who sells the penthouse. I know her because she was the one who assisted me.

“It was great pleasure doing business with Mr. Craig, the penthouse is being cleaned everyday so I guess you can already start living there since it’s fully furnished.” The agent woman said before smiling at me and leaving the both of us.

“What were you saying a while ago?” Valen asked when we were finally alone.

“What are you doing here I said, and what? You bought a unit here? You have a mansion for pete's sake!” I said with an unimaginable expression. I just can’t believe that he just sat down here waiting for me to go down and what? He already has a unit here?

“You’re such an extravagant person.” I exclaimed.

I put my hand on my head, lightly massaging it because I just can’t believe what he did. I know that his company is one of t
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